Wednesday, 14 March 2012

DIY dip dye preview

I've literally just moved house today, so I don't have Internet access on my computer, but I was itching to do a quick post tonight so I'm doing it on my iPhone ;o

I 'dip dyed' my hair a few nights ago and thought I'd show y'all a sneaky peek at how it looks in the form of a fairly dodgy instagram pic.

When I get back online (and my new camera arrives) I'm hoping to do a proper write up on how I did it, as well as take some decent photos!

Thanks for reading this very short post!


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  1. oo love it can't wait to here more info :)
    p.s. i pinched you're button ;) xox

  2. Is that the latest hair trend this 2012?! :) Looks so ombreish! I love it!

  3. Thanks Faye!!!!
    Thank you Teli! I guess it's like the 'baby ombre' :) xx

  4. Looks great! I've just had my hair dip dyed the same. My hair's jet black but I got subtle red tips. How are you liking it?x

    1. Thank you! I rather like it! subtle, but still different enough to make me feel like i've 'done something' :)x

  5. ooh a very successful post from your iphone well done! I'll have to try this! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) following you, loving your blog. Your hair looks really nice! xxx

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    1. Thank you! iphone blogging is a bit scary :0. Thank you for the compliment :)


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