Monday, 31 October 2011

Cute and Quirky Bathtime

As a self confessed beauty nut, the products that I often have most fun playing around with are those cute and quirky cosmetics from Japan and Korea. Let's face it - many consumers are sucked in by lovely packaging and I for one can spend hours trawling Japanese cosmetics websites cooing at the ridiculously adorable (and at times just plain hilarious) packaging as if they were kittens or something .
There's just something extra special about fawning over a new blush or luxe handcream that comes in a box I can't read. I guess it adds to the glorious mystery of it all, doesn't it?

It was recently brought to my attention that it's not only Asian countries that know how to rock weirdness - it seems Germany can do kooky too! My brother and his girlfriend just returned from a long weekend in Berlin and brought back some amusingly named treats for my sister and I. Among the Kinder Surprises and 'Schoko Strolche' were some rather peculiar and kitschy little packets.
 At first I had absolutely no clue what these little bundless of cuteness could be, but on further inspection I discovered that they are in fact rather fragrant bath additives.

Presenting the Dresdner Essenz Dreckspatz Bad Sprudel!

Because all of the writing on the packaging is in German, I visited the Dreckspatz (translation: Dirty Birdie) website for a little bit of insight.
I'm pretty happy to discover that these are actually certified organic bath bombs, specially designed for children - so they can have an all natural, yet colourful and fun bath time :)

The little round discs are made with sea salt, essential oils and natural colourants enriched with moisturising sesame oil and wheat protein.

Based on therapeutic aromatherapy principles, the Bad Sprudel's are available in bliss-inducing fragrances/ colours including - Gut Mut (Cheer Up), and Freu Dich (Be Happy), all enriched with the appropriate essential oils. 
Retailing for around 1 Euro each, these look and smell lovely - I don't care that I'm not a kid anymore, I'm having a purple bath when I get home!

Advanced Night Repair

Last month I was lucky enough to nab one of the coveted tickets to the How To Get Into Beauty event at Marie Claire's London HQ. In association with Estee Lauder, the event was essentially an intereractive seminar featuring Marie Claire's Beauty and Style Director Lisa Oxenham, Estee Lauder's Communications Manager Anna Rozelaar and Global Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder,  Alan Pan. The event was interesting, informative and above all, lots of fun as Lisa and Anna gave guests invaluable insider advice and Alan did a fantastic makeup masterclass using Estee Lauder products.

After being inspired beyond belief by these fabulous people, we were reminded of the goodie bags waiting patiently under our seats (as if we'd forgotten) and it took all my strength not to peek inside until I was out of the building, up the road and on the underground.

As well as the October issue of Marie Claire, we also received some fantastic deluxe samples of Estee Lauder skincare and makeup. All the samples were gorgeous, but the two I was chomping at the bit to try were the  Serum and Eye Cream from the Advance Night Repair range.

The samples were very cute - a 7ml bottle and 5ml jar and both still have quite a lot of product remaining after being used religiously for over a month :)

The Advanced Night repair Synchronized Recovery Complex serum is an award winning formula that claims to do all kinds of fantastic things to the skin but above all, endeavours to improve the appearance of the signs of aging. 

Containing all the vital ingredients of the serum, the Advance Night Repair Synchronized Eye Recovery Complex gets to work on the delicate skin in the eye area, tackling fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skintone. Phew...

I've been using these two since I received them at the event and I can honestly say that the texture of my skin has definitely improved. To apply the serum, I pour a small amount onto the back of my left hand, then apply it with the fingers on my right. The funny thing is, the back of my left hand has become a lot softer, I'm guessing as a result of having the serum on it every night. Surely that's a good sign!
The eye treatment has a very slight chemically smell that I found a bit scary at first, but it is a pleasure to apply thanks to the silky, gel like texture of the product.

I really like these products, and I think they were a great addition to the goodie bags at the Marie Claire event. I think I'll be asking for the full sized serum for Christmas (£54 for 50ml)

A great example of the fact that samples lead to sales :)

Now, with a face full of Estee Lauder potions, I'm off to bed to let them work  their magic ;)

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Rose xxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

So yesterday I was down to my last dregs of foundation and figured I'd better hot foot it to the nearest beauty counter or risk small children mistaking my face for an extremely realistic Halloween mask. I had a magazine sachet sample of Diorskin Forever, which I promptly fell in love with, but alas- I just can't justify spending big bucks at the moment.  I'll be honest - I am a bit of a foundation snob,and though I'm yet to find my go - to brand/ formula, when it comes to a face base, I'd rather visit Selfridges than Superdrug. Over the years I've used many high end brands from YSL to MAC and Lancome to Estee Lauder (I even once scored a sample pot of Creme De La Mer foundation back in my mag days), so the prospect of scrimping on such a vital cosmetic did not have me very excited. The thing I really like about the more expensive brands is that there is usually a consultant on site to match your colour properly - a task I don't really trust in my own hands!

But, I had exactly 8.54 worth of  Advantage Card points begging to be spent, and a face that needed making up, so I headed to Boots in the vain hope I'd be able to pick up something great for under a tenner.

I'd heard good things about Bourjois foundations, so I was pretty happy to find that the Healthy Mix Serum Gel was on offer for 7.99 rather than the usual 10.99. I figured it must have been fate that it was cheap enough for my points to cover, so I bit the bullet and went for it.

The foundation is quite light - definitely more of a liquid than a cream formula, and I found it incredibly easy to blend. It's definitely a 'dewy finish' foundation and feels very light on the skin, but it's easily buildable depending on the coverage level you like.

 I think this is a great colder weather foundation because as my skin is drier in Autumn and Winter, the dewy aspect of this foundation is hydrating, without causing that oil slick effect that Summer brings.

As mentioned, I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to matching foundations, so I took a bit of a gamble and bought shade 53 Beige Clair - I guess what you would call the 'medium' shade.This shade has a slightly yellow tone and I actually found it matched my face pretty well!   Apologies for the slightly dodgy swatch on my arm :0

I didn't find the consistency to be particularly 'gel' like, but I do understand why it's referred to as a serum, if anything because of the youth boosting ingredients that it's jam packed with. This marvellous little creation contains a 'fruit therapy' formula including radiance boosting superstars  such as lychee, goji berry and pomegranate.It has a very fresh, fruity scent too, which I usually wouldn't like but I'm actually quite fond of :) I found it definitely falls into the 'radiance boosting' category, but for 16 hours? I don't think so.
Here it is...on my face!
The formula comes in a glass bottle with a white pump - one pump is more  than enough for daytime coverage, and finished with a sweep of powder, makes a pretty great base!
All in all, I'm pretty impressed with this one - I can't really fault it. Who knows, Bourjois may have just convinced me that when it comes to foundations, there's no need to splurge.
...Nah. :)

Thank you for reading!

Hannah Rose xxx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lipstick I love: Infrared by Topshop

Ok, so I'm a self confessed lipstick fiend. When I bought my first tube of Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion a few years back, I practically beat myself about the head for not discovering the joys of lipstick earlier. To this day, I have trouble comprehending why women don't just wear the stuff all the time! It's bloomin' amazing and leaving the house without a slick of it is akin to going out minus shoes, or your rollers still setting in your hair. Well that's a blatant exaggeration, but my point is I love lipstick - hence the name of my quaint  little site. :)

Because I'm such a lipstick menace, I thought it would be nice to review some every now and then, and first off the bat is this little gem from the Topshop makeup collection.

Topshop Lips in Infrared

I bought this one on a whim on my lunchbreak - a purchase born  out of the boredom and curiosity that only a lunch break can bring. I noticed it because of the stand out colour. I'm definitely a red lip girl but the fact that this one is a bright, orangey red was a little bit out of my comfort zone.
But I got it anyway, and I think it's rather lovely - not as scary on the lips as it looks. The colour is Infrared and it's definitely a standout.

Infared is bright but wearable
This is touted as a velvet finish lipstick that smoothes, moisturises and nourishes the lips. It does feel rather smooth and creamy, and   is definitely more hydrating than a lot of lipsticks I've tried in the past. The swatch on my arm makes it look a little more orange than it does on the lips, because lips have that natural pinkness that shines through fairly sheer lipsticks such as this one.
I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the make up range from Topshop when it first launched - kind of in the same way that I'm weary of celebrity frangrances (I still remember JLo Glow's pungent soapy stench stuck in the back of my throat as a 19 year old), but I must say that I am impressed by it so far - the only negative really is that the staying power isn't that great - but top marks for a groovy colour! The next lipstick I'm going to have a good look at is shade 01 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel. My current favourite :)

Wearing a fairly sheer slick of Infrared

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have a confession to make - I'm a little bit obsessed with eyebrows.
Not in a creepy, full blown fetish sort of way, I just really appreciate a perfect arch!
The shape of your brows can totally change your face - accentuate your bone structure and enhance the shape of your eyes, so of course I'm going to be keen to take care of them :)

Years ago, back on the Gold Coast in Australia I had two defining eyebrow moments - having a complete brow makeover by the Coast's eyebrow expert Caroline Fox ( trained by Hollywood's Queen of Brows, Anastasia Soare), and interviewing Amy Jean of Amy Jean Eye Couture at Palazzo Versace.

Both these ladies opened my eyes (pun intended) to the importance of a well groomed brow, and I've not looked back since. Just one problem though - I've relocated to the other side of the world so it makes it a little tricky to go knocking on these ladies' salon doors. What's a girl to do?

I want Megan Fox's eyebrows (and the rest of her face while you're at it)

Thanks to some distant spanish genes, which seem to have gone directly to my hair follicles, my eyebrows are thick, wirey and unruly and if I'm not careful, can look a bit like Alan Sugar's. I don't have the time/ money to have them shaped, threaded and trimmed regularly, so I've started doing what any self respecting eyebrow enthusiast would do - do them myself, and find a no nonsense product that's going to help me!

The big, bold brow is back this season, so here I'm going to show and tell my top 3 DIY eyebrow finds since my move to the UK.

One of the first beauty counters I visited in Boots was Benefit on Oxford Street, and I snapped up the Brow Zings kit in Deep.

Benefit Bestseller
Brow Zings retails for £22.50

This little kit is cute and conventional, with a pigmented wax and powder for setting and all the tools you need for easy application - a tiny pair of tweezers, hard angled brush and blending brush with a built in mirror in the compact and the trademark Benefit instructions. I found it can get a bit messy, but a great product nonetheless.

New CID is without doubt one of my favourite British brands. Pretty much every one of their products is innovative and multi-tasking and they really deliver when it comes to colour. The staff at the counter are always very approachable and friendly and really know their stuff. I took my eyebrow woes to the New CID counter at Debenhams on Oxford Street and not only came away with a couple of can't-do-without brow products but got a complete complimentary makeover because I had a date that night. Now that's great customer service :)

This is the i-groom, just one of a plethora of innovative, easy to use products by New CID.

functional and fabulous
i-groom retails at £15.50
The screw up tip is a unique triangular shape to suit any arch and the neutral shade fills in any gaps to create a natural finish. This pencil has a built in eyebrow brush at the other end so you can groom the hairs perfectly into place once you've enhanced the colour.

Another New CID product (told you I loved this brand), the i-fix is unlike anything I'd seen before. That sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true! It's the most simple yet effective solution to my eyebrow dilemmas in one handy little pencil and I LOVE it.
One of my favourite products ever
i-fix retails at £13.50
It's just like a hair styling product for your brows, with a waxy, smooth fomula that glides onto the brows easily and quickly. The real deal-sealer for me with this product is that it adds definition without adding colour thanks to the clear formula, so it's not about to ruin your face if you veer off course!

Like the i-groom, I bought mine from Debenhams on Oxford Street - proof that lovely sales assistants make a huge difference to a beauty addict like me! For a list of stockists or to purchase online, click on over to New CID.

Limited Edition Creme Brulee Lip Therapy

Creme Brulee is one of life's little indulgences - creamy, caramelly (yep, I just made up a word) and oh so naughty! It's been a firm favourite of mine since my mum first made it for us when I was little, so one can imagine my delight at this little beauty discovery!

Vaseline Lip Therapy is a handbag fixture and make up artist's essential thanks to the unrivalled moisturising effects of these little pots of wonder. We all know that our lipstick is going to look and feel a million times better when the lips are prepped and protected and thanks to this new release we can get our just desserts while the nourishing ingredients go to work on our pouts!
I have trouble resisting anything that smells like a cake/ dessert/ any other sweet treat, so I'm swooning over this limited edition Creme Brulee Lip Therapy by Vaseline!
Available from today for the teeny price of £2.99, you can pick up your very own pocket sized delight from Selfridges (selling it exclusively) or online from (EDIT: Discontinued)

A sugar hit that'll go straight to your lips - not your hips :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pretty Polly? Pretty Amazing!

Take Britains most beloved and iconic legwear, add one red hot designer,  and throw in one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and what do you get? The House of Holland for Pretty Polly AW11 collection featuring Jessie J of course!  
The mercury's dropping and tights are coming back in a big way - but why dress your legs in something drab and  dreary when you've got gorgeous (and affordable) designs at your fingertips?
With prices starting at £12, the collection is 100% instant sexbomb - just add tights.
  There's something for every girl with styles ranging from bold stars to a cheeky take on laddering and the undeniably gorgeous mesh Super Suspenders as worn by Jessie, so there's really no excuse not to sass up your Autumn wardrobe.

Doin' it like a superhero - Jessie J displays an extremely
impressive pair of pins accentuated by the flattering, sassy
design of the tights

I'll be going for the Super Suspenders because I think they look unreal - quirky and different with just the right amount of sex-kitten sophistication. I'm a big fan of suspenders, but can get a bit annoyed with them not staying up properly! The great thing about the Super Suspender design is that they look like you're wearing suspenders when you're actually taking a cheeky shortcut. Do we call that cheating? I call it innovation! 
 One glance at this stunning comic - strip style advertisement is enough to make you fall in love with these tights and I can say I definitely came down with a case of leg envy when I first laid eyes on it!
If, like me, this collection has reignited your passion for gorgeous tights,  I suggest you leg it over to the Pretty Polly pop up shop and get em while they're hot! The pop up shop is located at Covent Garden Market and is open until January 31 next year. To check out the gorgeous collection visit Pretty Polly here.

P.S. I know tights don't strictly fall under the 'beauty' category, but they are just too darn special not to rave about!

   Lippy Tip - To stop a case of the dreaded 'tight itchies' - you know, that uncomfortable feeling when your tights rub against your winter-parched skin -  be sure to moisturise your legs before rolling on your legwear. Using a dry oil such as Huile Prodigieuse by cult brand Nuxe smells lovely and absorbs quickly. I picked up my bottle from Space NK for £23 (50ml). I was feeling extra girly that day so opted for the Golden Shimmer edition

This shimmering version of Huile Prodigieuse
adds a little disco to your body, face and hair :)

Hannah Rose xxx

*I'm in no way affiliated with the brands/ companies mentioned and wrote this article entirely independently.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Review - Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme

I was lucky enough to receive this little treat in the Boudoir Prive October Beauty Box and I really feel I need to spread the love for it because I've found it to be truly fantastic.
Now, I'm not going to lie, hair oils kind of scared me until recently, and I was even more fearful of the 'pre-shampoo treatment' concept of this. It seemed a little odd at first, but it really is quite straight forward - put it in the lengths and ends, leave it for at least 5 minutes, then shampoo it out. Simples!

I roadtested the oil last friday night and the first thing I noticed was the distinctly familiar scent of monoi oil. It is a rather pungent scent, but a nice one that always reminds me of the beach because I used to slather my legs in tahitian monoi oil before hitting the sand back in Australia.

Something I've noticed a lot of people mentioning is the funny consistency of the product - it solidifies very easily, and in this Autumnal weather, that's bound to happen. An easy fix is to roll the bottle in your palms for a minute or run it under hot water until it liquifies again.

The full sized product - £24 for 95ml
So I put the oil in my (rather thick) lengths, did the washing up and had a nice cup of tea, then shampooed my hair twice in the shower and conditioned as normal.

The scent of the treatment still lingered after I had shampooed twice and conditioned so I was rather pleased with that!

After I towel dried my hair, I thought I'd be a bit cheeky and add a smidge of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment from the september box for extra nourishing power, and I'm pleased to report it went exactly to plan! Once my hair had dried naturally, I noticed a definite glossiness to it. It looked healthier and bouncier and just more 'done' than before.
The real cherry on top is the fact that my hair remained that way for the past three days - soft, shiny and smelling lovely - not greasy at all!
 I really couldn't be more impressed with this product - so much so that tonight I've gone for round two and I've actually been sitting here typing this with a generous drop of Huile de Palme working it's magic as I blog!  This hair oil treatment really is a star product and would definitely benefit anyone who wants to inject a bit of life into their tresses.

For further information on Huile de Palme and other Leonor Greyl products, click here and have a gander.

Heres to a good hair day tomorrow.

Hannah Rose xxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

To B.B or not to B.B....

...That is the question on everyone's lips (or faces) at the moment.
As you've probably seen on TV/ read in magazines, B.B creams or 'Blemish Balms' are being touted as Britain's next big thing.
Having already conquered the far east with the promise of convenience and multifunctionality, B.B cream has finally arrived on our shores and good old Garnier are the first to jump on the bandwagon.
The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All In One B.B cream claims to get to work on your skin in 6 different ways - even tone, boost glow, blur imperfections, smooth fine lines, hydrate for 24 hrs and protect with SPF 15.

Garnier B.B Cream comes in a 50ml tube and retails for £9.99

As a complete sucker for a new beauty fad, I rushed to boots when this little revolution hit the shelves, further enticed by the fact that this £9.99 cream was part of a three for two deal!
I picked up the Medium shade, got home, washed all my makeup off and promptly slathered my face in the stuff. (Not really, I more dotted and blended).
In inspecting my new improved reflection in the mirror, I was a little frightened to be confronted with what can only be described as an oompa loompa version of myself. This isn't entirely true either, but I did look somewhat similar to a terracotta plant pot.  Now, I'm not really sure if this is a fault with the product, or my bad judgement in just how alabaster my face has become. My beloved Australian tan has well and truly left the building, so I should probably have accepted this and picked up the light shade.

The texture of the BB cream is very similar to that of most tinted moisturisers or light foundations. It comes out of the tube quite thick and a little does go a long way. Because I wasn't too impressed with the colouring of the product (once again, probably my fault), I've started using it very sparingly and I must say that it is quite nice, but I'm not going nuts over it.
It feels very light, and does make the skin look a little more even - like a 'no make up' look, but I'm not quite sure what sets it apart from a tinted moisturiser
As for the scent, it's got that trademark fruity smell that garnier are known for, so I sort of subliminally felt like I was putting shampoo on my face. I'm not very keen on fruity scents in products, but if you are, this would be right up your alley.

My first ever swatch!..And a close up of my veiny wrist
Garnier's not the only brand that's been bitten by the B.B bug with everyone from MAC to Maybelline launching their own versions of Blemish Balm. You can already pick up Dior's version at Harrods for £36.50, while Mac, Clinique and Estee Lauder's B.B creams are currently only available at Harrods.

I don't really like ditching foundation when I'm out and about, but I have put this on followed by a dusting of pressed powder (I use Dior Diorskin Forever Compact) when I was running late for work. Wearing it without powder, I seem to end up with a slight oil slick on my T Zone and found my glasses sliding further and further down my nose. I'm thinking people with dry skin will appreciate this product because it is quite soothing and my skin does get pretty darn dry in the colder months over here, so I might grow to love it now that the mercury's dropping!

For now though, the Garnier B.B cream shall stay in my handbag for beauty emergencies alongside my back up mascara and spare knickers :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Boudoir Prive October Beauty Box

At present I subscribe to two monthly beauty boxes - Boudoir Prive and Feel Unique. I'm probably going to have to cancel one for the sake of my bank balance, and I was leaning towards keeping Feel Unique but my Boudoir Prive package arrived about ten minutes ago and I have to say I am IMPRESSED!
After a bit of a dispatching issue last month Boudoir Prive may have lost a couple of subscribers but I personally wanted to give this company another go without judging them on something that was beyond their control.  Anyway, I'm sure anyone who cancelled their subscription last month will be tearing their hair out because this one's a real beauty!

The Box

The box is delivered in a Boudoir Prive branded black postage box with easy open tabs....

...with the pretty pink Beauty Box inside

and the samples wrapped lovingly in black tissue paper tied with a cute pink bow and a little information booklet all about the samples inside

This month subscribers received seven samples!

The Products

Firstly, I'm feeling extremely spoiled! To receive seven products, including THREE full sized ones is simply fantastic value for £10. As always, they've covered all bases in supplying a sample each within skincare, bodycare, haircare, fragrance, lifestyle and makeup. There's also a voucher included for an RMK skincare consultation and samples at Selfridges. Phew!

Here, I'm going to show you the products and showcase my awful photography skills, then test them out and give you my feedback a little later.

Leonor Greyl
Huile De Palme
This is a 'pre-shampoo' conditioner that you brush through your lengths and ends sparingly, and leave in for at least 5 minutes, but can be left in overnight for super nourished locks. It smells really lovely and quite fresh so I'm definitely going to use this today before I shower for a date tonight. This little beauty retails for £24 for 95ml. The sample is 25ml. Not bad at all!

Memo Paris
Eau De Parfum
Les Echappees

 I've not heard of this brand before but I'm pretty sure they will be hearing from me because I absolutely adore this fragrance! There are three different samples from Memo doing the rounds; Les Echappees, Les Orientaux and Voyages Naturels. I'm a massive fan of perfumes that literally smell good enough to eat, so I'm really pleased to receive Siwa Les Echappees as it has notes of Cinnamon, Popcorn and Vanilla. Truly delicious. I think this may just go on my Christmas wish list. It retails for £69 - £105. The sample is your typical handbag perfect size. Smitten kitten :)

Rose & Co Apothecary
Rose Petal Salve

I love a multi-tasking handbag sized product, and this one is no exception. I know there are quite a few rose tinted/ scented balms on the market these days (I have the Jurlique Love Balm) but I have to say that there really is something extra special about this one. It can be used anywhere that needs a little tlc and has a really lovely scent that I've not come across before in a rose product - sort of like the smell of real rosewater turkish delight! Now that Autumn is well and truly here, I will be making good use of this one to keep my mouth lipstick ready. This gorgeous salve retails for £5 for 20g and Boudoir Prive give us a full sized one this month. If that's not a beauty bargain I don't know what is!

Illuminating Mask & Creme de Lite

I can't say I'm too familiar with lightening products, but the Creme de Lite smells really clean and has a fairly light texture so I think I'll try it on some pigmentation that's appeared on my cheeks. I'm definitely keen to sample the Illuminating Mask - looks like a great one to slick on while soaking in the bath as Cetuem recommend letting it do its magic for at least 20 minutes before removing with damp cotton wool pads. The Creme de Lite retails at £45 for 50ml and the Illuminating Mask is £25 for 50g. In our boxes we received the 5ml of each. Cetuem is a London based, fair trade loving company that have certainly got my attention.

Liner Styler Pen Black

Liquid, gel and felt tipped eyeliners are a permanent fixture in my makeup case, so I have to admit I'm a little fussy when it comes to these. I'm a bit of an eye-rubber so I really need something with staying power as well as long lasting pigment that won't turn grey halfway through the day! I've heard good things about StudioMakeup so I'm keen to give this one a go tonight - let's see if it's still on after I exit the cinema! This is another full sized product that retails for £12 for 1.1ml!

Quince Body Butter

I've been a huge fan of Korres products since I first came across them back in Australia a few years ago, so I was ridiculously happy to see this staring back at me in the Boudoir Prive box this morning! This body butter is thick, nourishing and has a lovely sweet quince-y smell. Korres products are all really lovely and the fact that they're natural is an added bonus. The 50ml size of this tube is really generous - another star product going straight in to my handbag :) As well as the Quince Body Butter, there are two other Korres samples circulating at the moment - Citrus Body Milk and Guava Body Butter. The body milk retails at £9.50 for 150ml while the body butters are priced at £12.50 for 150ml.

So there you have it - my sneak peek at a fantastic beauty box. Now I'm off to play with my goodies! Great job Boudoir Prive. See you next month ;)

Subscribe to Boudoir Prive for only £10 a month.

The Good Oil

 Coconut oil is the health and beauty multi tasker of the moment – probably thanks to the fact that Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr has been raving about it.
Not only is it a totally natural solution to soothe and hydrate dry skin and hair but it’s also great to cook with and eat straight from the jar! J
Eating a semi-solid lump of something that is essentially fat doesn’t sound overly appealing, but having taken a leaf from Miss Kerr’s beauty book and trying a spoonful of the stuff, I’m happy to report that it’s actually quite a delicious experience!
I’ve recently done quite a bit of research into the benefits of coconut oil, and one thing I really can’t stress enough is that in order to get the most out of coconut oil, it’s really important to go for the purest form you can get your hands on. Over processing only compromises the quality, so opt for something certified organic and raw. At the moment I’m sampling oil from an award winning company called Essence of Eden. This company provides 100% organic raw virgin coconut oil and products that taste light and smell lovely, but not strongly.
So what are the benefits of this much coveted oil??
For starters, it’s widely known as a ‘healthy fat’, this is because it contains a lot of Lauric Acid which our bodies convert in to something called monolaurin  – a compound that fights bacteria and viruses. The only other known provider of monolaurin is breast milk, and it’s pretty obvious how healthy that is!
Coconut oil has a very small molecular structure, meaning it is absorbed quickly in to the skin
Many health and beauty products already contain coconut oil (it’s the main ingredient in some baby oils) so it’s already proven to be beneficial to an extent.
It’s incredibly versatile – you can use it in place of butter in any recipe and slather it on to cracked heels!
For a pre – wash hair mask, warm a teaspoonful of oil in your palms to melt it down and massage it in from mid – lengths to ends (and your scalp if you suffer from dandruff), leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and wrap in a warm towel/ showercap for deeper nourishment.  Shampoo hair twice and only condition if you feel you need it.
On the body, combine with raw sugar for a spa-grade body scrub or apply directly to the skin for a fast absorbing, subtly scented all over moisture hit.
For loads of natural coconut oil beauty recipes, check out crunchy betty, a fantastic page I found in my travels!

 I’m pretty intrigued by all this coconut oil hysteria, so I think I’m going to keep at it and order some from Essence of Eden. I’m not too sure I will be able to make myself eat it straight from the jar every day so I think I’m going to try it in my tea – Miranda style!
Want to try a sample of 100% organic raw virgin coconut oil? Head over to Essence of Eden and enter the promo code ‘Try Me Now’ (small postage cost applies)
Hannah Rose
*Disclaimer: I sampled this product on my own accord and the above is my genuine and honest view of it.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Why hello there...

My name’s Hannah…. and I’m a bit of a beauty nerd.

I’m an Aussie girl calling London home since February 2010 and I’m here to write about anything and everything to do with beauty.
Here I’ll be giving you a few tips, testing out lovely products and putting my two cents in, and giving you a heads up on any upcoming promotions and freebies in the realm of beautiful things!
I was a beauty and fashion writer for a magazine back in Oz and I’d love to do that again this side of the world, but in the meantime, I shall go forth and blog!

Yup, that's me :)

Please enjoy and do let me know your thoughts!

p.s. I’m blogging simply because I adore makeup, creams, lotions and potions and want to share an honest, unbiased opinion :)