Friday 21 October 2011

The Good Oil

 Coconut oil is the health and beauty multi tasker of the moment – probably thanks to the fact that Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr has been raving about it.
Not only is it a totally natural solution to soothe and hydrate dry skin and hair but it’s also great to cook with and eat straight from the jar! J
Eating a semi-solid lump of something that is essentially fat doesn’t sound overly appealing, but having taken a leaf from Miss Kerr’s beauty book and trying a spoonful of the stuff, I’m happy to report that it’s actually quite a delicious experience!
I’ve recently done quite a bit of research into the benefits of coconut oil, and one thing I really can’t stress enough is that in order to get the most out of coconut oil, it’s really important to go for the purest form you can get your hands on. Over processing only compromises the quality, so opt for something certified organic and raw. At the moment I’m sampling oil from an award winning company called Essence of Eden. This company provides 100% organic raw virgin coconut oil and products that taste light and smell lovely, but not strongly.
So what are the benefits of this much coveted oil??
For starters, it’s widely known as a ‘healthy fat’, this is because it contains a lot of Lauric Acid which our bodies convert in to something called monolaurin  – a compound that fights bacteria and viruses. The only other known provider of monolaurin is breast milk, and it’s pretty obvious how healthy that is!
Coconut oil has a very small molecular structure, meaning it is absorbed quickly in to the skin
Many health and beauty products already contain coconut oil (it’s the main ingredient in some baby oils) so it’s already proven to be beneficial to an extent.
It’s incredibly versatile – you can use it in place of butter in any recipe and slather it on to cracked heels!
For a pre – wash hair mask, warm a teaspoonful of oil in your palms to melt it down and massage it in from mid – lengths to ends (and your scalp if you suffer from dandruff), leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and wrap in a warm towel/ showercap for deeper nourishment.  Shampoo hair twice and only condition if you feel you need it.
On the body, combine with raw sugar for a spa-grade body scrub or apply directly to the skin for a fast absorbing, subtly scented all over moisture hit.
For loads of natural coconut oil beauty recipes, check out crunchy betty, a fantastic page I found in my travels!

 I’m pretty intrigued by all this coconut oil hysteria, so I think I’m going to keep at it and order some from Essence of Eden. I’m not too sure I will be able to make myself eat it straight from the jar every day so I think I’m going to try it in my tea – Miranda style!
Want to try a sample of 100% organic raw virgin coconut oil? Head over to Essence of Eden and enter the promo code ‘Try Me Now’ (small postage cost applies)
Hannah Rose
*Disclaimer: I sampled this product on my own accord and the above is my genuine and honest view of it.

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