Tuesday 8 August 2023

The Spark Company - Ethical Clothing That Makes a Statement


 Have you heard of The Spark Company? They're a very cool female -founded, female-run fashion company creating fun, statement making, comfy and ethical pieces designed for everyone. At The Spark Company you'll find fabulous feminist prints and LGBTQ positive pieces.

I've linked the pieces in the above image here if you're keen for a look! 

They mainly produce t shirts, vests and hoodies- in size 6 to 26 - made to fit every person.

I own a t-shirt in a design that's no longer available but I can confirm that it's made with soft, light and comfortable material with just the right amount of stretch. Often, printed t shirts are sort of stiff or scratchy and feel a bit cheap, but not these! The length on the Tee I have is excellent too as I have quite a long torso and it fits perfectly. With a T Rex illustration with Eat The Patriarchy wording beneath, this top certainly makes people do a double take as at first glance it could be the logo for what's probably the most famous dinosaur film in existence. As an alternative, you can currently purchase the Petrify the Patriarchy tee with an illustration of Medusa.

The products are created ethically and sustainably, with designs printed using vegan dyes. Items are reasonably priced too, with T-shirts at around £22. Keep an eye out for new customer discount codes and sales.

To sweeten the deal of purchasing from The Spark Company, you can sleep well at night knowing that your new buy helps the company to donate sanitary supplies (tampons, pads, liners) to shelters and drop-in centres for those in need. Anyone who has ever experienced a period will be well aware that this time of the month can be hard enough as it is, so the added stress of not being able to afford what so many of us take for granted must be pretty horrifying. 

I may only own one piece from The Spark Company right now but I can definitely see my collection growing, starting with this gem:

The Hold On, Let Me Overthink This T-Shirt is just saying what most of us are thinking...or over-thinking.

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