Monday 16 October 2023

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

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A decent cleansing oil or balm really should be considered a staple in every bathroom cabinet. Whether you prefer an all natural oil that needs to be removed with a flannel or cloth or a silky balm that emulsifies and turns milky on contact with water, balms and oils are simply the best when it comes to taking off that first layer of makeup, dirt and/or SPF.

The cleansing oil by affordable, no-nonsense skincare brand Simple is a really good option whether you're a skincare enthusiast with plenty of existing products or you're looking to try an oil cleanser for the first time. I've tried my fair share of cleansing balms and oils over the years and this no frills option should, in my opinion, be a staple in everyone's bathroom cabinet.

Formulated with no colour or artificial fragrance, the unscented cleansing oil might seem basic - and it is - but basic is often best, especially when it comes to removing makeup and doing that first cleanse that takes all the grot off your face. If you have sensitive skin then this was made for you as it's hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and approved for skin that's on the sensitive side. That said, if you don't experience sensitivity then this is still perfect, I think it's that good!

The Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil is a blend of Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, emollients and Vitamin A and E. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and comfortable, even before you follow up with serums and moisturisers.

How to use an Oil Cleanser

If you've never tried an oil cleanser before, you might be wondering how best to use one. It's quite simple really (pun?) but the key thing is to make sure you have a dry face and hands to start with. Simple Cleansing Oil is packaged in a recycled plastic bottle that you use by tipping it upside down and squeezing gently to dispense the product. Add a few drops to dry palms, then massage the oil onto a dry face - this oil provides plenty of slip so it's really easy to massage into the skin. Once you've given your face a nice little massage, either rinse with warm water to emulsify or use a wrung-out warm flannel or cloth to remove the oil, taking dirt and makeup with it.
As it's an emulsifying formula, the oil transforms into an easily removed milk once water is added, so it does the job pretty quickly.
When removing mascara and eye makeup, it's a good idea to add a drop or two to a cotton pad or reusable/washable round, press on the eye area gently to help the oil loosen the makeup, then gently wipe away vefore rinsing.

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil seems to be pretty widely liked thanks to the effective formula and afforable price point. I'll continue to use it as a first cleanse and leave the pricier, more sensorial cleansers for the second cleanse.

The cleansing oil has an rrp of £6.99 for 125ml but it's often on special at Boots.

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