Friday 6 January 2023

Pietro Simone 100% Pure Himalayan Salt Paddle


 I’ve written about a Pietro Simone product before and loved the unapologetically luxe vibe of it (you can read my review of that product here) so I was looking forward to trying one of the brand’s equally unapologetically luxe tools; the 100% Pure Himalayan Salt Paddle.

As the name states, the paddle is made from 100% pure Himalayan Salt. The idea is that this pink salt helps to maintain an electrolyte balance, aid hydration levels, promote microcirculation and absorb dirt and ‘toxins’ whilst being naturally antibacterial. Himalayan Salt contains up to 84 minerals and salts that, in this case, Pietro Simone harness to nourish the body and skin.

Essentially, this is an exfoliation tool for the body. It’s rough to the touch, in the best way possible, because you can just tell it’s going to give a satisfyingly good scrub. To use, start upwards from the ankles, in a gentle oval-shaped motion, all over the body.

 If you’re someone who partakes in dry body brushing, the body paddle will probably interest you but it actually has a few different uses when used in conjunction with other Pietro Simone products:

  • To Refine the skin, apply Pietro Simone’s Multi-Dynamic Body Refining Cleanser on damp skin, then use the paddle, applying gentle to medium pressure.
  • For Mineralizing and Regenerating, apply the Pietro Simone Fierce Body Infusion on wet skin, then use medium to firm pressure with the paddle.
  • For a Pro-Aging action, apply the Fierce Body Oil to dry skin and start from the ankles upwards.
  • For help with cellulite, apply the Pietro Simon Body Oil and the Fierce Body Infusion, then use the salt paddle at medium to firm pressure in a circular motion where cellulite appears (or just ignore the cellulite).

I like the holistic idea of this product and I’m interested in the concept of salt used in a beauty regime. I don’t own the products mentioned above, however I have used the paddle with other oils and lotions and can confirm it is a lovely ritual, if you have the time for a little extra self care (and if you don't already have the time, try to make some!). While I don’t care so much for trying to rid my body of cellulite, I understand that it’s something that bothers some people, so fair play to them if they want to give it a go – if individuals see results from dry body brushing then they’d almost certainly see results with the salt paddle too.

The Pietro Simone 100% Pure Himalayan Salt Paddle is £29 at Pietro Simone.


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