Wednesday 26 October 2022

Dior La Mousse OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser

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Dior OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser has been around for a little while now but I’ve only just recently got a tube myself. Because I buy a lot of the products that feature on the blog, or receive them as gifts from loved ones, I don’t often review new to market products – I review things that are new to me and this cleanser is my latest new-to-me bit of skincare!

Dior say that this cleanser combines the smoothness of a cream with the effectiveness of a foaming cleanser and having now used it several times I have to agree. OFF/ON is a very, very beautiful facial cleanser.
I was initially drawn to the name of this product as it is a little unusual. The OFF/ON name refers to the removal of dirt, impurities, makeup and sunscreen (Off) and replacing them with beneficial ingredients to soothe and preserve hydration levels and skin barrier function.

It has a silky, mousse-like texture that feels light and airy on the skin. Only a very small amount is needed and you simply massage it into damp skin before rinsing off. I was worried it was going to leave my face feeling tight, dry and squeaky clean but as it turns out, my skin almost feels like I've applied a very lightweight moisturiser, but there's no residue, if that makes sense? In a nutshell, this cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable and hydrated. In fact, I don't find myself rushing to apply my skincare afterwards, which is testament to how lovely I find this cleanser leaves my skin feeling.
In terms of ingredients, I love that this cleanser features Water Lily which is grown in the Dior Latour-Marliac garden in France. As a side note, Dior's private gardens are really beautiful. If you haven't seen the Dior fragrance documentary The Nose, I really recommend you do- there's lovely footage of the gardens and a scene that shows the gardeners hand picking jasmine that's remained in my mind! It’s literally a dream of mine to visit these gardens.

Water Lily (Nymphea) is known for its purifying properties, so it makes sense that it's extracts are in the formula of a cleanser. The addition of soothing corn flower floral water and liquorice extract make the cleanser a very gentle option, which should in theory make it suitable for sensitive skin.
While I personally prefer a balm or oil for makeup removal, Dior OFF/ON is quite capable of the job, I'd just be a little cautious when using it to remove eye makeup. It also doesn’t claim to be a makeup remover and the ingredients just seem a bit too luxe to waste on that job.

Dior La Mousse OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser retails for £40 for 150ml but so far I've found the cleanser cheapest for £34 at Escentual and £35.90 at Sephora UK.

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