Wednesday 17 August 2022

D by Diesel Eau de Toilette

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 I've developed a really keen interest in fragrances over the past year or so and, being particularly interested in 'genderless' scents, the new launch from Diesel got my attention.

D by Diesel is being marketed as not only designed for literally everybody to wear, but also Vegan and environmentally friendly.
The box and bottle are plastic free and made using recycled materials, with the brand lamenting that D is a fragrance for now and for the future. I like this angle myself - anything that promotes environmental awareness is ok by me!
The glass bottle is quite a cool design too, with the idea being that it's crushed and crumbled in your hand, to symbolise 'the mark your actions leave'. With an architectural design, the bottle is also refillable, which is obviously a good thing.

The genderless fragrance features top notes of Ginger and Bergamot, with Denim Cotton Accord and Lavender in the middle and Vanilla and Ambery Woods in the base.
With responsibly sourced Lavender and Vanilla, the scent itself leans quite masculine to me. By masculine I mean I pick up a lot of the typical sort of woodsy/lavender fougere notes that many male-marketed fragrances contain. That said, it's very much a 'clean', just out of the shower and ready to seize the day kind of scent, perfect for warm weather but I'm interested to see how I like it when it cools down significantly. The dry down lets a little bit of sweetness through from the Vanilla, which I appreciate as a gourmand fragrance lover.
I find the Denim Cotton Accord interesting, in that I'm not sure I can actually smell it! Once again I look forward to trying the scent again when the weather turns and I might just be able to pick it out.

This stuff lasts forever on my skin, which is not bad for an Eau de Toilette. In fact it lasts a lot longer than some of my more expensive fragrances. For this reason, I wish I liked the fragrance more than I do. I do enjoy it, I just don't really love it to be honest! But fragrance is subjective and I just happen to like mine a little sweeter.
 D by Diesel retails for £36 for 30ml, £54 for 50ml and £74 for the 100ml bottle. It's been released into all major retailers now but I recommend grabbing a bottle from Escentual where you can currently buy it at 25% off right now here.

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