Monday 23 May 2022

YSL Lash Clash Mascara Review

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 Every now and then a mascara comes along that pulls out the all the stops and gives me everything I'm looking for when it comes to my lashes. A bit of volume, a lot of length, a touch of curl, non-smudging and not-crumbly are my general criteria and YSL have hit it out of the park and then some with the new Lash Clash Mascara

Before now it had been a very long time since I treated myself to a high end mascara. My most recent 'drugstore' buy smudged horrifically, which was disappointing because it was such a hyped up product. After falling for the the fuss surrounding YSL's latest lash offering and being incredibly drawn to the very stylish packaging, I went to John Lewis and told the YSL rep I needed enabling. To be honest, the salesperson didn't need to do much selling, once I saw the tube and very generous wand up close I was already sold. 

I like a large mascara wand and Lash Clash really isn't lacking in that department, so that coupled with the formula meant I needed this mascara in my life.
Here are my lashes before Lash Clash Mascara:

And here they are with two coats of Lash Clash:

Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara is currently available in one shade (Black Noir) and features a patent-pending, double-conical brush designed to aid in creating a voluminous lash look. The formula is a unique oil in water wax that combines with black pigments and smudge-resistant 'boosters' for a thick and creamy mascara that is rather beautiful to apply.
This mascara stays put on me all day. By all day I mean at least 12 hours, with perhaps only a very occasional 'flake'.
As with most mascaras, Lash Clash is best removed with an oil based cleanser. Something like Simple Cleansing Oil does the trick beautifully.
Overall, a fantastic high end mascara that I think might just be worth the luxury price tag. It ticks every box for me!
YSL Lash Clash Mascara has an RRP of £29 but I've found it cheapest at for under £25 at Escentual.

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