Thursday 3 February 2022

Soap and Glory Glow Your Mind Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review

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 A good cleansing balm or oil is a staple to every bathroom cabinet these days and I make sure I always have one to hand. Anyone who wears makeup or SPF (which should be everyone really)would benefit from an oil based cleanser. Either in liquid or balm form, there’s nothing quite like an oil to break down sunscreen and/or foundation and the rest of your makeup. If you partake in double cleansing, there’s nothing quite like a slippery, oily cleanser as a first cleanse.

Designed to suit every skin type, the Soap and Glory Glow Your Mind Nourishing CleansingBalm is a fairly straightforward, effective option that I’ve been enjoying lately. Perhaps the word ‘enjoying’ isn’t actually appropriate here. To be blunt, this is a rather joyless product, not counting the absolute satisfaction you might feel as your makeup, including waterproof mascara, is completely annihilated.

With added Vitamin C, the balm is a blend of oils including Avocado, Sesame, Apricot and Jojoba that starts off solid, becomes liquid as you work it into your face, and then emulsifies with the addition of water. It’s described by Soap and Glory as a balm-to-milk cleanser because it becomes milky once it comes into contact with water.

It rinses away beautifully – you don’t even have to use it with a flannel or cloth if you don’t want to – which makes it an extremely gentle option. I’ve used the cleansing balm both with and without a flannel and while I prefer to use a flannel, I was not left with any residue or film on the skin when I tried it without.

The reason I called the product ‘joyless’ earlier is because of the distinct lack of scent. To me, it smells like literally nothing. Often unscented cosmetics have a subtle, natural fragrance but this is truly unscented. A big win if you are sensitive to fragrance or just prefer your skincare unscented but if like me you prefer a nice smell to add to the cleansing experience, it does make the process a little…boring.

That said, a cleanser’s job is to cleanse the skin and this one does it very well. It’s worth noting it leaves my face feeling clean (though I do double cleanse so use another cleanser afterward) but not tight or stripped. Overall I would buy this again but I do prefer something with a little scent to add to the ritual of cleansing.

Soap and Glory Glow Your Mind Nourishing Cleansing Balm retails for £9.95 though, as it’s Soap and Glory it’s usually on special or part of some sort of promotion at Boots.


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