Tuesday 11 January 2022

Kayali Get Rich Kit

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 Huda Kattan's fragrance line, Kayali, has a very good reputation for producing quality, expensive-smelling scents at accessible price points. I've tried Vanilla 28 previously and quite liked it, so when I saw the Get Rich Kit that features a Vanilla 28 hand cream, me and my Christmas money got in there pretty quick.

Along with the vanilla hand cream, this little kit features a dinky 10ml bottle of Invite Only Amber, which was incidentally on my ever-growing list of fragrances to sample.
Alone, these products are beautiful, but together? That's a powerhouse situation!
Vanilla and Amber are two notes that are often put together in fragrance creation anyway and layering these two products just further confirms why. The result is creamy, boozy, sweet and powerful and will almost certainly turn heads.

Vanilla 28

This may be a scented hand cream but it is rich in both formula and fragrance, so it's potent enough to act as a scent all on its own. Don't let the fact that it's a 'hand' cream put you off either; apply to tops of arms, wrists, collarbones, all over or anywhere you like! The Shea butter formula is intensely moisturising but not greasy and it smells delicious. With Madagascan Vanilla and Jasmine, Vanilla 28 is balanced with warm notes including Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Brown Sugar. To my nose, this is a sexy vanilla rather than a dessert vanilla – it’s still cosy and comforting but it has an edge to it.

Invite Only Amber

I had read a few reviews of Invite Only Amber before I bought the Get Rich Kit; mainly five star ratings raving about how the blend is reminiscent of expensive Ouds and is a major receiver of compliments. Notes of Amber Resin, Black Cherry, Madagascan Vanilla, Honey de Provence and Tobacco Leaf are complemented by Roasted Hazelnut, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Citrus, Rose and Musks to create an incredibly enticing fragrance. To me, this smells boozy and smoky in the best way – and a little like Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey when first sprayed!

The Kayali Get Rich Kit is a great way to get a taste (or whiff) of Kayali fragrances and is equally good for on-the-go and on your dresser. Worth £35, the cheapest I’ve found the Get Rich Kit is £22.50 at Feel Unique.

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