Sunday 16 January 2022

5 Fragrances to Wear to Bed

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 Since I've discovered my newfound appreciation for fragrances, I've really been enjoying treating myself to a little spritz before bed.
My post-shower routine was once all about skincare but now, while rinsing out my conditioner I find myself thinking about which fragrance I'm going to choose too.
Obviously, you can wear whatever scent you like but here I'm sharing a few that make me feel comfortable and cocooned - exactly what I need to get me in the mood for sleep!

Scents to wear to bed

E. Coudray is a brand I'd not actually heard of until the December Escentual Perfume Blind Trial box. The theme was Gourmand so I knew there would be at least one winner in the box but I was not expecting the effect this fragrance has on me. The fragrance was sadly discontinued after the sample boxes were created but luckily the E Coudray Vanille et Coco Body Oil is still available at Escentual. This is the softest, most comforting powder-puff scent. It's warm and delicious and basically feels like a cuddle. I've been wearing it to bed since I bought it. Despite the name, I don't really detect the coconut in this (maybe a coconut cream rather than tropical coconut) but I'm thinking this note could come through if I were to wear it in warmer weather perhaps.

R.E.M is another Ariana Grande fragrance that has totally surprised me. I already love Cloud and the fruit-tart-esque Sweet Like Candy and now the fairly new R.E.M fragrance has me audibly sighing. If dreamy sugared lavender, salted caramel and Tonka bean sounds good, just wait until you smell this beauty. It reminds me a lot of Lush's iconic Sleepy range; Warm, comforting, sweet but never cloying. The lavender in R.E.M gives the perfume a slightly masculine edge which counteracts the sweetness and adds to the incredible cosiness of the scent. I've read that a lot of people wear this fragrance to bed and I'm now one of them. An affordable celeb scent that smells a little expensive.

Nivea eau de toilette is that iconic original Nivea cream scent, bottled. The universally loved clean, powdery scent is incredibly comforting and familiar to me. It's probably very evocative for a lot of people, as Nivea cream was (and still is) a very popular face cream, so I imagine this scent would bring back some lovely memories of parents and grandparents during simpler times! There's also a Nivea Sun version; ideal if the smell of sunscreen takes you to your happy place.

Molton Brown Milk Musk is a very aptly named fragrance, though it could have easily been called Warm Hug or Comfort Blanket. To me, Milk Musk smells like just that - milk and musk. Well, to be more specific it's like a creamy, warm cup of vanilla-spiked milk with a little whipped cream on top and comfy, cosy cashmere socks. This scent is definitely milky but not hugely sweet, with a musky, woody dry down and a touch of sugar. I find it to be very subtle and very much a skin scent. Perfect for getting snuggly.

Want to sleep like a baby? Wear baby perfume! Mustela's Musti is a light, alcohol-free fragrance water designed for kids but great for adults.
With notes of Honey, Chamomile, Rose, Lilac, Citrus and Amber, this light fragrance smells clean and fresh. I can imagine this would be particularly pleasant as a bed-scent in Summer thanks to the refreshing citrus.

So that's five scents to wear to bed, but really fragrance is such a personal thing, so I say wear whatever brings you joy! 

I'd love to know if you wear scent to bed and if so, what's your favourite?

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