Friday 29 October 2021

How to wear your favourite clothes confidently

 (collaborative post)
People of every body type and size can find clothing in today's fashionable world. We're all unique, and that's a good thing. When it comes to the type of clothing you want to wear, why not think about how you could change up the rest of your look so that you can pull off those outfits a little bit better?

Having your hair groomed to match the look you wish to create can make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Consult the internet and magazines for ideas and bring them to your fashion stylist to determine whether something similar will work for you. Makeup your own mind but remember that not every face shape is suited to every hair style, so seek advice from family members and friends before committing to a certain look. Another option is to use one of the various apps available that allow you to upload an image of yourself and 'try on' different looks before committing to the real thing. Wigs can also be a great way of changing up your appearance.

Going to the gym and working out not only has a positive effect mentally as endorphins are released but it can also have an impact on how your clothes fit. It doesn't have to be about losing weight and you should of course have confidence in your body as it is, but adding some tone, definition or bulk to specific areas of your choosing can make all the difference. Maintain a nutritious, well-balanced diet because you will need to keep your energy levels up if you want to go to the gym on a regular basis. If you find that the gym isn't the best place for you, invest in some weights and other training equipment and do your workouts in your own home. There are a plethora of exercise videos available online as well!

A healthy, glowing complexion will increase your self-confidence, in turn making you feel better about yourself and the outfits you're wearing in the process. Be sure to drink plenty of water every day and try to eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. If you have a hectic lifestyle, try taking vitamin supplements to maintain a healthy body and skin.

Makeup can be a really useful (and fun!) way to subtly enhance your look or completely transform yourself and express your creativity. You may like to maintain an all-natural appearance, or you may wish to make a statement with your makeup. You can learn more about how to achieve the look you want by watching online makeup tutorials- there are a lot of really talented make up artists from all corners of the world providing great tips and techniques, so spend some time on social media, search the appropriate hashtags and be inspired. Sometimes, your makeup can drastically alter the way you want to be perceived, so think about how you want to seem and how you would like others to see you before applying it.

Styling your figure for the things you desire to wear will alter not just your appearance but also your mentality. Confidence in your wardrobe and in your own skin will also boost your appearance as a result of your happiness.

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