Thursday 29 July 2021

Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank

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 I have two items from the Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank collection - the Cooling Ice Facial Roller and Hydrating & Cooling Eye Balm.

As you will have guessed, the Hydro Bank range is all about hydration, with a focus on Hyaluronic Acid. Each of the six products in the range are icy blue in colour (besides the roller) so they are really appealing to even look at during this warm weather!

The range includes an Essence Serum, Sleeping Mask, Water Cream (moisturiser), Moisture Mist and the roller and eye balm that I have recently bought.

The Cooling Ice Facial Roller (£10) is pretty self explanatory. It's a little handheld device with a metal rolling mechanism that instantly cools and refreshes. It's supposed to be stored in the fridge (or freezer for an extra cold hit) but I used it straight from the pack and was surprised by how cooling it was already. The Cooling Ice Facial Roller can be used on bare skin or in conjunction with serums or moisturisers - just apply your products then roll over the face, working outwards, or use gently on the neck, rolling upwards towards your chin. 

I've tried a few cooling 'stick' products before and while the Revolution Hydrating & Cooling Eye Balm (£8) is nothing new, it does deliver in terms of refreshing and waking up the skin. The stick is absolutely tiny, with a twist-up function that pushes the icy blue, solid formula up. With Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, this handy little stick is best kept in the fridge and used to perk up puffy, tired eyes.

Revolution products are often worth purchasing directly from the Revolution site because they often have sales (and a decent points program) but you can also find Revolution at other retailers including Boots.

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