Tuesday 21 July 2020

3 Steps to a Brighter Smile at Home

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Trends come and go but it’s safe to say that a bright smile and white teeth will probably always be in fashion. As a skincare enthusiast I spend a lot of energy considering what I put on my face but I know that taking care of my teeth and oral health is obviously very important too! Besides, a clean, bright and healthy-looking smile is the best way to complement that glowing complexion I strive for.
Of course, I’m no expert in the realm of oral hygiene but I thought I’d share three simple steps for a white smile- all of which can easily be achieved at home.

Whitening Toothpaste

It wasn't that long ago that teeth whitening was something that involved a lot of money and an hour or so in the dentist chair. These days, however, there are a few effective at-home treatments to choose from including kits, strips and whitening toothpastes. A good quality *whitening toothpaste is my go-to product for keeping my teeth pearly white. I love whitening toothpastes because they’re basically a two-in-one product that keeps teeth and gums clean while having a whitening effect. My current pick is MAX White Ultimate Catalyst from Colgate, that can reverse up to 15 years of discolouration.

Flossing Daily

I will freely admit that I'm not the most disciplined person when it comes to flossing. That said, when I do put in that tiny bit of effort and actually do it over a period of time, flossing does make a difference to my smile. Regular flossing contributes to an overall healthy mouth, gets rid of tartar (the sticky stuff) and therefore helps to prevent plaque build up. And we all know that plaque can lead to all kinds of problems, not just in an aesthetic way.

Red Lipstick

Since I read years ago that a slick of red lipstick makes teeth look instantly whiter, I've been applying it for virtually every occasion. The key is to go for a red shade with blue undertones. This is because blue sort of counteracts yellow tones (the colours are opposite to each other on the colour wheel), making the white in your teeth stand out more. My favourite (and possibly the most famous) blue toned lipstick is MAC's Ruby Woo but there are plenty of great reds on the market that will create an illusion of very pearly whites.

So those are three simple ways to keep your smile healthy and bright, from the comfort of your own home. Do you have any at-home teeth whitening tips?

*This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own

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