Friday 25 October 2019

5 Reasons to Love Autumn

(Gift/non aff link) Having grown up on the south-east coast of Australia where it's pretty warm all year round, the British Autumn is quite a novelty to me. In fact, it's probably my favourite season of all - not warm but not so freezing you need multiple layers on just to put the bins out. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I know), woolly jumpers with wellies and cosy candle lit nights are just a few of the things I look forward to when this time of year rolls around. It might be an unpopular opinion but I'm always glad to see the back of Summer (bye bye10pm sunsets) and look forward to the colder months closing in- here are 5 reasons why.
Brunette woman walking down a tree lined path with her back to the camera wearing a black coat with an orange jumpsuit underneath

It's Time to Switch Up my Skincare Routine
I am such a lover of thick face creams, rich oils and luxurious body butters and obviously these are more necessary and enjoyable in cold weather. I enjoy my skincare and bodycare routines so much more in Autumn and Winter and live for the moment when I get to crack out my richer products, as well as my beloved retinols and actives that I don't reach for as much in the Summer. I don't really enjoy the feeling of lotions and creams on my body during hot spells but when it's cold it's a whole different story - I love cocooning myself in nourishing, hydrating products, especially before snuggling down for the night.

It's Leggings Season
I don't know about you but I love me a pair of decent leggings and I'm always pleased when the mercury drops and I can bring my favourite, most comfy pairs out of retirement and get them on my legs. Leggings are excellent because they're basically a hybrid of tights and trousers but I have some very strict criteria when it comes to what I will bare on my pins. Firstly, they must be thick and opaque. Whether colured, patterned or classic black, my leggings must absolutely, under no circumstances be sheer enough to show what shade knickers I've got on. Secondly, they must be high-rise. High-rise styles are more flattering on me and so much more comfortable than hipster style cuts. Which leads me to my third, most crucial criteria - the leggings must be comfortable otherwise I may as well just wear jeans. One pair of leggings I've found that tick all the boxes are the *Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings which are super comfy, cosy and thick enough to wear like trousers.

Shorter Days mean Longer Nights
I personally prefer nighttime to the day and as an adult, I always have. To me, Autumnal nights mean snuggling up wearing thick, woolly socks, endless cups of tea in front of box sets and enjoying the flicker of a scented candle or two (extra points for pumpkin/baked goods fragrances). There's just something a bit magic about Autumn nights isn't there? As a side note, it's also officially slow-cooker season, which is my favourite because there's no easier, lazier way of cooking dinner than that!

Everything Looks Extra Beautiful
I know not one person that doesn't appreciate a crisp, delicate oak leaf that has welcomed Autumn by turning various shades of red, brown and yellow. I think London was made for Autumn weather and the city and surrounds are at their visual best when there's a chill in the air. Trees full of turning leaves are quite simply stunning and to me, everything just looks so much more beautiful. And, as my little family and I enjoy long walks on the weekends, the slight bite in the air and the sight of my little boy enjoying the crunch of leaves beneath his wellies brings me so much joy.

It means Christmas is coming
...and Halloween is just around the corner. Autumn signals the start of a distinct festive vibe - supermarkets start stocking all kinds of limited edition delicacies, there's a mix of Halloween and Christmas themed decorations and products in the shops  and the coffee chains bring out their long-anticipated special flavours. I'm personally a great fan of Christmas and all the festivities that come with it and the weeks leading up to Halloween are my favourite time to browse Instagram - I really enjoy all the clever Halloween looks posted around this time! Autum is basically one big mash up of spooky stuff and Santa and it's the ideal time to watch the Iconic The NIghtmare Before Christmas. Perfection.
Are you a lover of all things Autumn or do the warmer months have your heart?

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  1. Very almost convinced me of the charms of Autumn. Not quite fall-ing though lolz.