Wednesday 31 July 2019

Weleda Week: Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath

(affiliate link) At the Weleda Insight Day in June, we were let loose in the brand's on-site shop for a while (extra exciting when you're feeling all enthusiastic and passionate about a brand!) and I was instantly drawn to the Wild Rose Cream Bath.
Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath

Earlier in the day we were guided through Weleda's Harmonising Rose Facial which involved us all sitting around tables with bowls of warm water, flannels and gorgeous products and giving our faces a proper cleanse, tone and massage. This was surprisingly relaxing - you wouldn't think sitting in a large room full of strangers wearing disposable headbands would be a particularly soothing experience but it really was! One of the steps in the facial included the Wild Rose Cream Bath, which threw me a little at the time when actually it made perfect sense. Incredibly calming and infused with the natural relaxing fragrance of damask rose, the cream bath was used in the facial by adding a capful to a bowl of warm water and soaking a flannel in it and using it as a sort of compress to remove a cream mask from our faces. This step felt so comforting and I absolutely loved the scent so of course I sought it out in the shop straight away!
Milky and opaque, the rose cream bath is unlike any bath milk or cream I've used before. The texture is sort of unusual, it's on the runny side rather than the gloopy one, and it doesn't bubble or foam, probably because of its uber-natural inci list.

Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath
The base of the cream bath is Jojoba and Olive oil, with organic Rosehip seed oil and natural Damask Rose oil giving it that beautiful true-rose fragrance.
Sinking into a warm bath with a couple of capfuls of the cream is relaxing in both a physical and mental sense and you emerge with soft and silky skin without feeling like you're coated in something, if that makes sense?. I love using bath oils and I do like how they make my skin feel but I'm not so keen on emerging from a slippery bath so this is a great way to get the same sort of fragrant experience without the slip factor.
Weleda create a variety of different bath products- I bought my boyfriend the Arnica Muscle Soak which has gone down a treat- and I'm currently bathing my toddler using the Baby Calendula Bath which is particularly excellent at the moment as the poor little guy has chickenpox and Calendula is brilliant for reducing inflammation and soothing the skin.
The Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath is £14.95 for 100ml at Look Fantastic.

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