Monday 6 February 2017

Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher

You know when you're not quite sure about something and then fate intervenes and gently guides you in the right direction? That's sort of what led me to try out Peter Thomas Roth's Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher. That's right, fate.
For about a year now I have very nearly purchased it on numerous occasions - after all, my inner foodie does love a gourmand style beauty product - but something has always held me back. Probably the fact that I really do not need another skincare product is what has stopped me clicking add to basket. But then TK Maxx happened a few weekends ago and I could suddenly justify it. It was the only one on the shelf and, though I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it, I do remember that it was less than half price and under a tenner.

I had previously only tried the Irish Moor Mud Mask from Peter Thomas Roth (which is tingly and deeply cleansing in the most wonderful way) so I'm glad to have further expanded my horizons and tried a more 'everyday' type product from the brand.

The Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher is both a 'grainy' exfoliator and and enzyme exfoliator, so you get two types of exfoliation in one hit. Strawberry fruit enzymes do the acid exfoliating bit while finely ground almonds manually slough away dead skin cells. Even though you can definitely feel the 'scrub' with this product, it is still pretty gentle and doesn't feel like you are polishing your face off.
The scrub contains strawberry puree (the skin, pulp, juice and seeds) as well as something called Strawberry Fresh Cells which is a trademarked ingredient that has been specially extracted from strawberries and microcapsulated for 'ultimate nutrient delivery and performance'. These Strawberry Fresh Cells are designed to moisturise and tone the skin.
You use the Strawberry Scrub in much the same way you would use most grainy exfoliants - a small amount on damp skin and massage gently. Or you can leave it on your face for a few minutes while you shave/ wash your hair/ brush your teeth to give the fruit enzymes a chance to do their thing. After using this my skin feels smooth and pleasantly refreshed and doesn't leave it tight, which is always a winner.
Despite the rather generous 250ml bottle, you only need to use a very small amount of the strawberry scrub for a decent exfoliation so I imagine this is going to last me a pretty long time. The instructions for use do state that it can be used everyday but I personally don't like to use a manual exfoliation product every time I shower. It is pretty hard to resist reaching for this every day of the week though because it smells amazing - just like strawberries. Go figure.
You can find Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher at Beauty Bay for £26 and other PTR products at Cult Beauty.

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