Thursday 9 February 2017

DHC Quick Film Smoother

I have a lot of time for slightly quirky skincare products and the DHC Quick Film Smoother is no exception. I also like the no-nonsense approach DHC took to naming this product - Quick Film Smoother. It's designed to make an instant 'improvement' to the look of your complexion, it creates a kind of film over the skin and it smooths wrinkles in one fell swoop. Pretty much does what it says on the tin then really.
DHC Quick Film Smoother

The Quick Film Smoother is a skincare and makeup product in one as it provides an immediate smoothing effect and delivers a dose of ingredients that work over time.
Particularly brilliant as a primer, Quick Film Smoother is a lightweight gel-cream formula that works instantly to smooth out wrinkles. This effect is thanks to the addition of egg shell membrane peptides that are rich in collagen- they provide the 'tighten and lift effect' that the Quick Film Smoother provides. Various derivatives of the humble egg seem to be a popular ingredient in East Asian skincare so it's not really surprising that DHC include it in this product- I myself haven't tried any skincare containing egg before (though I have had my fair share of egg on my face ha ha ha...) but trying this product has certainly piqued my interest in the power of the egg as a cosmetic ingredient. While the egg peptides provide the immediate effects, skin is nourished and moisturised by algae extract, Sodium Hyaluronate (a water-soluble salt form of Hyaluronic Acid) and soy protein.

As mentioned, this is brilliant as a primer and I'd say it would suit pretty much every ski type. It doesn't have a heavy, artificial, silicone feel on the skin and just provides a nice smooth base ready for foundation. Or it can be worn without foundation if you don't fancy getting made up but would like a little glow action.
DHC Quick Film Smoother is on special for £17.50 at DHC until February 28th. After this date it will return to its full price of £22. You can also find DHC at Escentual.

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