Wednesday 25 May 2016

JOIK Lemon and Vanilla Body Scrub

I've written about a product from Estonian brand JOIK before - a delicious powdered chocolate face mask you can read about here- so I already had a pretty good idea that I'd enjoy more of their creations. Because I'm a fake tanner and I enjoy a general pamper, I like to have a decent body exfoliator on hand  but it's important to me that scrubs meet three important criteria: They need to smell great. They need to actually exfoliate effectively and they absolutely need to be free from microbeads - because, you know, I care about the environment a bit.
Joik Lemon and Vanilla Body Scrub

JOIK Lemon and Vanilla Body Scrub covers all of this criteria and then some. I have used the scrub once, just now actually, and not only is my skin beautifully scented, but it's as smooth and soft as a baby seal's bottom. If you know what I mean. 
This body scrub is a proper scrub. By that I mean it's not a liquid or gel with some granules floating around in it, in fact it's almost solid in the jar. The lemon and vanilla scrub is sugar and seasalt based and spreads really easily on damp skin. I was worried at first when I scooped a little out that it wasn't going to spread at all but it really does do the job rather well.
The key ingredients in the body scrub are:

  • Seasalt and Sugar - to exfoliate
  • Shea and Cocoa Butters - to smooth and moisturise
  • Olive Oil - to nurture
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil - to stimulate the natural cell renewal of the skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil contains Vitami A, E and C

The body scrub gets it's delectable scent from lemon and vanilla essential oils resulting in a fresh and comforting fragrance that lingers on the skin a little once you're all rinsed and toweled off. In terms of 'scrub performance', this one kicks all kinds of goals and did a magnificent job of annihilating some old fake tan from my stomach with very little effort on my part. When it comes time to rinse, the scrub emulsifies and transforms into a milky sort of substance that's easily washed away and doesn't leave a greasy feeling like many oil based products. 
All in all, a great, sweetly scented scrub that I would repurchase and think would make a lovely gift. JOIK create a variety of other scrubs too, including a coffee scrub and a shimmering raspberry scrub which I'm sure are equally as delish.

I bought the JOIK Lemon and Vanilla Body Scrub from Love Lula for £14.

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