Monday 11 April 2016

Dr Do Good In-Shower Body Moisturiser Spray

Dr Do Good In-Shower Body Moisturiser Spray

I am not currently a gym person, nor do I lead a particularly hectic or time poor lifestyle, so I may not be the exact target demographic for Dr Do Good. That doesn't mean that I don't think it's a great little product though.
Dr Do Good is essentially an in-shower moisturiser designed to save time and deliver a dose of hydration to your skin whilst you are still in the shower.
Simply sprayed onto damp skin (shake it first to mix) and then rinsed off, Dr Do Good delivers a dose of long lasting hydration thanks to its unique waterproof oil based formula.
The waterproof formula essentially locks in the water on your skin and 'feeds' it with vegetable extracts including tomato, yellow pepper, carrot, aubergine and broccoli. 

Tomato Extract: An antioxidant to protect against premature ageing of the skin.
Yellow Pepper Extract: Rich in Vitamin C. Keeps skin looking firm/ youthful.
Carrot Extract: Rich in Vitamin A. Nourishes, maintains elasticity and firmness of skin.
Aubergine Extract: Aids in keeping skin looking healthy and hydrated.
Broccoli Extract: Contains Sulforaphane, which is a compound that can make skin look less dull and may stimulate skin cells.

Despite the addition of the above vegetable extracts, Dr Do Good doesn't have a complex scent- it's just got a light, fresh fragrance that makes it perfectly unisex so your other half can freely borrow out without fear of smelling like a big girl.
I've had this product for a few months now, which has given me plenty of opportunity to try it out on both winter-parched skin and my slightly happier springtime skin and I've been happy with the results every time.  It leaves the skin feeling smooth and well hydrated without that obvious feeling of product you get with standard moisturisers.
If you're time poor, frequent the gym or just don't like the feeling of moisturiser on your body, Dr Do Good is a very good option.  You can find out more about the wonders of Dr Do Good and purchase a bottle for £15 here.

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