Friday 4 December 2015

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar Reveal - Day #4

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara

Today's surprise is a sample sized Hourglass Film Noir Mascara in shade Onyx. 
I'm yet to actually try the mascara, but I have much love for the Ambient Lighting Palette from Hourglass so I'm hoping this will be impressive too.
The Film Noir Mascara features a triple-cut 'hourglass' shaped brush (I see what they did there) and a richly pigmented formula with Pro-Vitamin B5 and polymers. The formula is also gluten free, if that's important to you.

I like the sleek packaging of the Hourglass Film Noir Mascara and I'm interested to see how it will fare against my current go-to mascara; Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme.
The full sized version of this decadent looking little mascara is £25 from Liberty here.

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