Friday 30 October 2015

Joik Chocolate Facial Mask

I found Joik on LoveLula the other night and my eyes were immediately drawn to the candles (crème brulee, apple glogg etc) and this little beauty - the Chocolate Facial Mask.
joik chocolate face mask review

I've not experienced the whole chocolate-on-face thing (intentionally anyway) since Lush introduced their Cupcake facemask and figured it was about time. Besides, I like chocolate and I like putting things on my face, so why not combine the two eh?

The Joik Chocolate Facial Mask is designed to rejuvenate and tighten tired and stressed out skin and contains:
Rhassoul Clay - A natural Moroccan lava clay to absorb oil, sort out impurities, tone and rejuvenate
Milk Powder - To soften and smooth
Honey - A natural antibacterial that soothes and moisturises
Cocoa Powder - Naturally rich in vitamins and contains anti oxidant compounds. According to Joik, the scent fills you with 'happy hormones' that aid in relaxation, relieve tension and ease stress.

And that's it. Four, fairly simple natural ingredients. Well played Joik, well played.
The mask comes packaged in a round, plastic 50g tub and is in loose powder form, meaning you have to mix up the mask yourself, which is kind of fun in itself.
To make the face mask, mix about one teaspoon of the powder with equal amounts of your choice of water, milk or herbal tea. I really like this element of choosing which liquid to use and thought perhaps mixing it up with some chamomile tea might be a winner.
This time though, I used milk. Controversial.

I used way too much milk though, so ended up with a much thinner consistency than I would have liked, but I still put it all over my face.
As this is a clay based mask, it sets and hardens, indicating when it's time to wash it off. I used a warm damp flannel to do this and it came off easily enough and left my skin feeling rather heavenly.
joik chocolate face mask review

I'm sure you've already guessed what this smells like - pretty much exactly like a steaming cup of hot chocolate - so it's certainly not unpleasant to wait around for it to dry. Unless you don't like chocolate, obviously.

While it's certainly not what I'd call a beauty essential, it is a lovely treat product and would make a great gift for any sweet toothed friends/ family this christmas.
The Joik Chocolate Facial Mask is £11 at LoveLula.

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