Tuesday 11 August 2015

Complex 27 Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum

I've got a lot of love for M.E Skinlab and the Cosmetics 27 line, so as if I was going to deny my skin the chance to try one of the new Complex 27 serums.

There are 3 brand new serums in the Complex 27 range - Complex 27 C Bio-Perfecting Correcting Serum, Complex 27 R Bio-Restorative Regenerating Serum and the one I've been using - Complex 27 L Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum.

While all three serums sound more than appealing, I'm really glad I've been trialling the soothing serum because it feels nothing short of gorgeous on my face that may or may not have caught a little bit too much of the summer sun recently.

The serum contains active ingredients such as Calendula and Lemon Balm and Lettuce Waters (renowned for their soothing and relaxing properties) yet is virtually fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin.
A light, milky consistency, the Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum is designed to smooth out the complexion, counteract redness, visibly diminish signs of stress and tiredness and, of course, soothe sensitized skin.

The main benefit I have found from using the serum is that it is incredibly soothing and refreshing which is simply perfect for this time of the year - especially since Britain has seemingly borrowed Australia's sunshine in recent weeks.
It's worth noting that immediately after application my complexion is pepped up and glowing, so it's a perfect treatment for the morning (though it's designed to be used both morning and night) when you want to wake your skin up and fake a solid 8 hours of snoozing.
The formula absorbs pretty quickly, leaving the skin feeling smooth, so perfect as a primer for underneath your foundation.

The Complex 27 Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum is a gorgeous treat for the skin and I'm enjoying adding it to my skincare routine at the moment - if anything for the beautifully soothing effect.
The serum is packaged in a compact, airless 30ml bottle and is available from Mr Porter for £90.

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