Monday 10 November 2014

Saying Thanks

If you're a regular Tweeter, Instagrammar, Blogger, or all of the above, chances are you've come across a few online personalities who you look up to, make you laugh or just generally give you the warm and fuzzies. In my 3 years of having a (sometimes rather quiet) presence online, I've stumbled across the Blogs and Instagram and Twitter accounts of quite a few fabulous people and today, for no particular reason, I wanted to share a handful of favourites who, although I've never physically met, have been a source of inspiration, humour or infallible kindness over the years.


Rachael lives in Lincolnshire with her fella and their really, really cute baby. Her baby is so cute, he makes me scared of having one of my own - you know, in case my baby isn't quite as cute as he is.
On her blog you'll find little peaks into her life, lifestyle articles and a whole load of dog and cow pictures. For me her blog is a little escape away from suburban London life and Rachael herself seems like a great human. Plus, she tends to favourite the lamest of my tweets so I like her.


Kirsty is blonde, Scottish, lovely and very, very funny. She has the biggest potty mouth I've ever seen on social media and she totally owns it. On her Twitter and Instagram you'll find fabulous one-liners, outfit photos and pics of her dog Blu.

Grace is one of the first blogs I actually started reading regularly and Grace herself just seems so genuinely kind. In fact, she invited me as a plus one to an event last year (which I unfortunately couldn't make in the end) but I thought it was such a nice gesture considering she's never met me. Also, she is wearing an onion necklace in her Twitter header image. Enough said.


Weng Yee is a postgrad by day, beauty blogger by night and also one of the friendliest folk I've come across online. Her blog is out of this world and she writes about skincare a lot which is never a bad thing in my book! She's kind, engaging and I appreciate every single Instagram or Twitter comment I get from her. She's a gem :)


Linda is the incredible writer behind and owner of one of the most vibrant instagram accounts I've ever seen. She's down to earth, has great taste in lipstick and seems to live in Whole Foods. Her blog is brimming with beauty news, reviews, lifestyle articles and more delicious looking food than you can poke a stick at.

So that's just five great people whose Tweets, Instagrams and Blog posts I've looked forward to for the past 3 years. It just goes to show that we can leave a big impression on others, even when we only communicate online.  Small gestures and acts of kindness can go a very long way, even if they're received via a computer screen  or smart phone. Perhaps something worth remembering :)

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