Saturday 18 October 2014

The Brazilian at Ministry of Waxing -a Brazilian Waxing Review

Last weekend I tentatively entered the doors of Ministry Of Waxing in Covent Garden with no clue on what to expect. I was booked in for a Brazilian wax - a bold choice for someone who had never had any part of their body waxed before, let alone that most private area!
I needn't have been too worried though - Ministry of Waxing are known for making the whole process as painless as possible and I must say that even though there was still an ouch factor, these ladies certainly know what they're doing.

After freely growing my hair-down-there for a few weeks and with nether regions that looked remarkably like someone who'd been lost in the wilderness for a year or so, I turned up at Ministry of Waxing's Floral St branch in Covent Garden to find out if these guys really did live up to their reputation.
After filling out a quick pre-treatment form, my therapist came and fetched me and led me down the stairs to one of the treatment rooms. The rooms aren't too dissimilar to what you'll find in a modern beauty salon decked out with cool contemporary d├ęcor. On the treatment bed there is a little information card explaining the high level of hygiene that is standard at Ministry of Waxing, a towel, a sealed PH balanced wipe so you can prep the area before the treatment and a little squeezy stress toy (I had a hippo). I was advised to remove everything from the waist down (yep, that includes knickers), use the PH wipe and lay down on the bed with the towel covering my modesty. The therapist leaves the room for this bit so don't worry about having to strip off in front of a stranger.

Once I was all set, my therapist came back into the room and it was time to get down to business. She asked if I wanted everything off and I said yes because I wanted the full experience!
The therapist explained that they use a vacuum sealed wax pack for each customer and never double dip. They also use a special wax formulation (no strip wax here!) designed to only grab the hairs and not your skin. My therapist used hard chocolate wax on me and mentioned that their waxes change with the seasons and the wax of choice for Summer was strawberry, which I think is a nice touch.
The actual treatment involved me putting my legs in a couple of different positions so she could reach the right parts of my girly bits. I'm not going to lie and say that the experience was completely pain free - after all it was my first time - but it certainly hurt a lot less than I had anticipated. If you're a woman, you'll probably guess which parts stung a little - the closer to the pink bits, the more it's going to hurt, sorry! That said, like most things in life, waxing is most painful when it's your first time and the more you wax, the less pain you experience. In fact, my therapist told me that many women experience no pain at all.
I do have to add that even though the waxing wasn't entirely pain free for me, as soon as the wax was removed, the sting was gone in an instant. In other words, it didn't feel tender or sensitive immediately afterwards, which is a massive bonus when you have to put your trousers back on and venture out onto the streets of London when you're finished.
Something I neglected to research was exactly what a Brazilian wax treatment entails so it took me by surprise when I was asked to roll onto my stomach and found it extremely difficult to curb my laughter (so I didn't). There's no point skirting the issue here - we all have hair between our butt cheeks. It's a fact of life and when Ministry of Waxing say you'll walk out of there totally fuzz free they mean it! I'll point out that this part was very quick and didn't hurt at all. The bottom is a resilient creature it seems. Even though I was essentially having my pubic hair ripped out from the roots, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease by my therapist who was very reassuring and told me that she averages on 16 waxes a day. Just remember, if you're worried about exposing your woman-parts, these people are professionally trained and have seen a plethora of lady gardens and vagines before yours. I'm no nudist and I have hangups like everyone else but I didn't once feel uneasy about the treatment, so that's got to tell you something!
The whole waxing process was done in just over 20 minutes, which was an extremely pleasant revelation as I expected to be in there for at least an hour.

Overall, Ministry of Waxing* lived up to their reputation of being total Waxperts and I really recommend you pay them a visit for a pruning. Whether you're a wax virgin or veteran, book in for a visit and experience the Ministry of Waxing way - they don't just do Brazilians and you can choose a simple bikini wax if that's more up your street or even add a cheeky shape to your wax. They also cater for men and I'm told that 'Boyzillians' are big business these days ;). To find out more about Ministry of Waxing and find your nearest location visit them online here.


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