Thursday 28 August 2014

Plasma 27 Bio-Lifting Cell Restoring Mask

I've tried a few products from Cosmetics 27 in the past and now I've had the opportunity to give the Plasma 27 Bio-Lifting Cell Restoring Mask a try. Read on for my review.

This face mask might make you look like something from American Horror Story but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in skin benefits.

Plasma 27 Mask Review

The cloth mask is soaked (or impregnated if you prefer) in a super serum containing 100% natural ingredients that deliver lifting and firming effects to the complexion in the gentlest way.
The Plasma 27 Mask is even recommended for very sensitive skin and can be used following laser or peel treatments to calm down and soothe irritation.

I know there are a few cloth masks on the market but this was actually the first one I tried. To use, you just open the packet, take out the mask and unfold it, then 'mould' it to your face and neck and secure it in place with the pre-cut ear loops.
You then just lay back and relax for ten minutes or alternatively go door knocking  and frighten small children. 

You then remove the mask and massage in the excess serum.

My mum and I both tried the mask and each found that it did in fact leave our complexions rather glowy (?), smooth and wonderful- sort of like how your skin looks after and hour long facial, which is a pretty decent result considering it's a one-step ten minute treatment. Overall, we both enjoyed using the Plasma 27 Mask and agreed that it would be a lovely  treatment the night before an event. The mask has proved very popular with men too and is perfect to relieve signs of fatigue after a long flight or as a quick flash treatment before a special occasion.

The Plasma 27 Bio-Lifting Cell Restoring Mask is available from Harrods for £65 for a pack of 4

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  1. These sound lovely, but I doubt I could justify buying them!

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