Monday 18 August 2014

MAC Prep + Prime BB Compact Review

I have been absolutely loving the MAC Prep and Prime BB Compact this summer. From what I've read, this little compact has been subject to fairly mixed reviews so I was initially a little sceptical - I needn't have worried though because it now lives happily in my handbag and gets a lot of use.

The compact is a solid cream formula that 'illuminates' and evens the skin and leaves a semi-translucent finish - perfect for sunnier days when you just can't face a full on base. I ordered the MAC BB Compact online which is always a gamble when it comes to coloured bases, but I found a pretty decent match in the shade Light Plus. Though I should mention that I bought this a few months ago before my face caught the sun, so now a bit of bronzer is needed to warm things up.
MAC Prep + Prime BB Compact. The joys of photographing reflective surfaces are endless

I purchased the compact for a number of reasons. Firstly, I detest wearing foundation when it's hot outside so a light cover was exactly what I wanted. Secondly, I craved the convenience of a compact and thirdly, the BB cream is SPF 30 so my face is protected while it's made up.
I've got a couple of before and after pics below to give you an idea of the finish.

As you can (hopefully) tell from the pictures, the coverage is very sheer but it does kind of perk things up a bit. You can also see that the delightful spot on my forehead is slightly less noticeable in the second image. I also have to mention that I have no bronzer or blush on, just the BB, so this is a somewhat more ghostly look than what I would usually go for!
In terms of staying power, the MAC BB Compact makes no bold claims but I find that it lasts a good few hours in the humid heat we've been getting and I'd imagine it would perform pretty well as a primer too if you wanted to wear foundation over the top.

The compact is available in 12 shades from Dark Deep to Extra Light so most people should be able to find a pretty close match.
RRP £24.

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