Monday 24 February 2014

HealGel Face Review

Every once in a while a revolutionary skincare product comes along that has Beauty Editors all over the country impressed. HealGel Face is one of these products and while I'm not a Beauty Editor, I am a Blogger who has a very distinct advantage in that when I am provided with a product for review, I'm under no obligation to sing its praises. In this instance though, HealGel Face has proved itself more than worthy.
healgel face
HealGel Face*

The first thing that grabbed me about HealGel is the story behind the brand. A gel known simply as 'Heal' was developed by late dermatological biochemist Martin Kelly and a team of leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons operating around London. The product was originally created to aid the healing process of post-operative skin but following Martin's passing, his wife, Californication actress Natascha McElhone continued to work with the team to develop a product for use by everyone to aid in virtually any skin concern. So HealGel Face, HealGel Eye and HealGel Intensive were born.
healgel face

HealGel Face is described as an advanced anti-ageing rescue formula that contains many of the skin-enriching ingredients as the original. Active ingredients include Arnica (a well known healing agent) and Madecassoside (an anti-inflammatory traditionally used in Indian medicine) suspended in liposomes (basically tiny vessels made from the same stuff as cell membranes!). The formula includes peptides to boost collagen production, omega oils to rehydrate the skin and restore natural elasticity and a unique hyalauronic acid complex that instantly plumps skin.
healgel face

A lot of lotions and potions claim to 'instantly' do this, that or the other, but HealGel Face actually does. As soon as I smooth some on and massage it in, my skin actually does feel 'plump'. It's a bit extraordinary really. 

While I have not been using the HealGel Face religiously, I do use it a lot and find it works brilliantly as a primer as well as a moisturising gel. I've also had some hormonal breakouts recently and have found it really soothing on spots and redness.

In terms of texture, this is a true gel formula that sinks it very quickly once applied. The scent is quite herbal and soothing, sort of like lavender with a lemony edge, though I don't find it particularly strong or overpowering.

HealGel Face retails at £48 for 50ml and is available here. Have you tried HealGel Face, HealGel Eye or HealGel intensive? What did you think?


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