Thursday 30 January 2014

Lippy Markers! A Little Gift Idea

Not only are these Lippy Markers incredibly cute, they also feature the word lippy in the title, so it's only right that I do a quick post about them!
Perfect as gifts for the make up savvy people in your life, or as a kitsch addition to your own desk or handbag, Lippy Markers are pretty self explanatory - a set of mini highlighters cunningly disguised as lipstick bullets. Who would've thought?!

In the set, you receive four colours - Pink, Red, Purple and Green (abstract!) that are perfectly compact, lightweight and useful!

You can find the Lippy Markets at IWOOT ( as well as a whole load of other weird and wonderful gadgets including this rather eccentric panda pillow.
Panda Cushion £19.99 IWOOT

Lippy Markers are £4.99 and you can also find nail polish markers on the site too...

Highlighting sentences and scribbling nonsensical notes will never be the same again!


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  1. The highlighter pens are brilliant - love little quirky things like that! Thank you for sharing! x