Monday 2 December 2013

My Beautiful Broken Brain

"Everyone loves a story and this is a really, really good one." - Lotje Sodderland

This is a beauty blog, yes, but this is a post about a different kind of beauty. I want to share the story of Lotje Sodderland, a family friend who is experiencing something extraordinary.

In November 2011, Lotje suffered a brain haemorrhage that literally changed her world. Two days after the haemorrhage, she woke up in hospital to an unfamiliar, alien world - her vision was skewed, her hearing was distorted and she experienced incomprehensible, terrifying hallucinations. Despite her fear and confusion, Lotje knew that something incredible was occurring and began recording her experiences on her iPhone. Soon afterwards, she asked her family to get in touch with Film Maker Sophie Robinson in the hope that she would be interested in helping her document her life as it changed. Now, over two years later the women are ready to share Lotje's story and have added their documentary project 'My Beautiful Brain' to Kickstarter in order to raise funds required to create a very unique, insightful and above all beautiful film. 

When I watched the trailer for this the other day, I was completely touched and intrigued at the same time. I want to know more about Lotje and her incredible story and I hope you do too. Please watch the trailer for My Beautiful Brain below and visit the Kickstarter page HERE if you'd like to help out in any way. You can also follow the Twitter for the project @MYBBB2014, visit the website HERE and find them on Facebook HERE.

Thank you so much for reading/ watching! x

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  1. what are you doing in london? i thinking about studing i london after my gap year here in australia, do you have any tips? :)