Saturday 10 August 2013

Mazorin - Made in London for the London Bloke

High-flyers and city boys rejoice, there's a  new brand in town made especially for you!
Founded by 30-something London based professionals Giangiacomo 
Baruzzi, Mazorin was developed for city dwellers who care about their skin and simply don't have a lot of time to devote to it.

The concept behind Mazorin  came about when Gian and Marco began noticing the effect a busy urban lifestyle can have on a gent's skin and the fact that there were no products out there specifically aimed at stressed out London folk!

Not only do I think Mazorin as a brand is a fantastic concept, but I love the way they've taken phrases from the corporate world and incorporated them into the names of the products.

Mazorin currently feature 4 products dedicated to the busy urban professional:

Face Value Optimal Face Maintenance

This handy pump bottle dispenses an anti-ageing moisturiser that protects, hydrates and reduces redness and irritation associated with shaving.

Face Value Optimal Skin Nourishment

60 food supplement capsules packed full of skin loving anti-oxidants and vitamins to fight skin damaging free radicals.

Liquid Asset Pre-Meeting Face Revamp

24 single dose stickpacks of 'double espresso' tonic gel to wake up a dull and tired complexion. Perfect for travelling and stashing in the man-bag!

Liquid Asset Working Late Eye Serum

This handy little roll on is full of a serum that contains caffeine and Hyaluronic acid to refresh tired eyes, de-puff bags under the eyes and help eliminate dark circles.

Unfortunately, I'm not a bloke so I haven't tried these products, but I think the branding and the packaging alone would be enough to convince me to pick them up if I were a man. To find out more about Mazorin or to purchase one of these products, click on over to

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