Thursday 11 April 2013

Supracor - A New Way To Scrub Up For Spring

We all know how important a good scrub in the shower is - removing yucky dead skin cells is key to lovely, healthy skin and a vital first step when you plan to fake tan!

I've been trying out a couple of products from Supracor - a Californian brand that uses recyclable materials to produce a huge range of lifestyle and bath and body goodies.

Lately I've been using the SpaCells Facial Sponge and Stimulite Bath Mitt to rid myself of any flaky bits and get the circulation going.

SpaCells Facial Sponge

This nifty little sponge fits onto your fingers like a mitten and removes makeup, cleanses, exfoliates and massages all at once thanks to the 'honeycomb cells' that it's made up of.

The SpaCells sponge features two sides for two different jobs:

The clear side is soft and flexible, perfect for pairing with your cleanser to give your skin care regime added oomph.

The black side is a little more heavy duty and isn't designed for use on facial skin - use this side to buff away at elbows, forearms and the back of your hands.

The SpaCells sponge even includes some easy instructions to give yourself a facial massage, which is a rather nice touch!

Stimulite Bath Mitt

I'm not going to lie, this bath mitt is pretty hardcore. You can use this one for dry body brushing before you jump in the shower, or use it with shower gel or soap for lathered up scrubby goodness.

The biggest selling point of these products for me is that they are naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. I like to scrub my skin with exfoliating gloves and puffs but let's face it, they can get rather manky after a while and nobody likes a mouldy shower puff!
These two products are well worth a look if you're in the market for some seriously effective exfoliation - the SpaCells mitt in particular is a great option for fans of the Clarisonic or other exfoliating devices as you still use your regular cleanser with it, it's just turbo-charged!

For more information about Supracor products, visit and have a gander at the range.

Have you tried anything from Supracor or a similar product?

Thanks for reading.



  1. Thats a really clever product!

    Jo xx

  2. Ooh thats interesting. Its good thats its made of recycle material too.
    What a great find.

  3. I may have to try one of those, I like the look of the one for the face as its a good controllable way of doing it :)

    Rea x

  4. It looks very strange! x