Saturday, 6 April 2013

Snail Cream! What, really?

Anyone for a moisturiser made from snail mucus?

I came across this on Amazon today while browsing Etude House products:
Introducing Snail Code, made on location at a Bulgarian Snail Farm, apparently.
Etude House's Darling Cream, containing 'snail mucin'. Yum!

These creams have been kicking about for a while and are especially popular in Korea, but I only stumbled upon the horror today.
Snails are rather good at using their slimey stuff to repair damage to their shells- it contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants apparently- so it sort of makes sense for it to have a similarly rejuvenating effect on human skin.
Personally I would never use a face cream made from crushed snails but each to their own I suppose!


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  1. This is so weird! haha i dont think i would ever use that but it probs works :P

    Jo xx

  2. I saw an ad abt snail cream the other day on tv, looks like it works wonders! I'm not sure if I dare to try it tho ;|

  3. How strange !! But i think i want to try !


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