Wednesday 3 April 2013

Smooch Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo in Naughty Schoolgirl

As a fan of Smooch Cosmetics lipsticks, I was pretty excited to try an eyeshadow from the brand.

Smooch Cosmetics have released a series of eyeshadow duos rather cutely dubbed the Ladies Who Lunch collection.
Inspired by different personalities and characters there are 6 shadow duos to choose from: Posh Tottie, Trophy Wife, Social Butterfly, WAG, Naughty School Girl and Morticia.

I tried the Naughty School Girl duo - a coffee brown and pearly nude palette that can be used alone or blended to create your own look.

The formula came out a little patchy on me, however I didn't use a primer on my lids first so chances are I could have had a better result had I taken that extra step.

The lighter toned colour in the duo came out quite white and shimmery on me, a bit ice princess, a bit whimsical and not usually a shade I'd go for but paired with the dark coffee colour of it's twin shade and a little slick of liquid eyeliner, I managed to create quite a subtle evening look.

I have rather deep set eyes and my eyelids tend to crinkle up a bit, resulting in pigment getting lost in the folds. I did find that this eyeshadow didn't stray into the crinkly bits by the end of the day - always a big tick in my book - even Urban Decay shadows tend to gather in the lines so it was a nice surprise to see this kind of staying power from a slightly more affordable brand!

You can browse the Ladies Who Lunch collection by visiting Smooch Cosmetics - be sure to check out their lipsticks too!

Thanks for reading!

*The Smooch Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo was given to me for consideration but this review is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  1. Looks gorgeous, and i love the name of the series :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. These look awesome, and seem to be a cheaper alternative to Nars which they look really similar to x

    1. Good point! Knew the packaging reminded me of something!