Sunday 27 January 2013

Cheap Thrills: Vitapointe Leave in Conditioner

Since I bleached my hair recently, I knew I was going to need some seriously nourishing products to keep my frazzled ends in check.
While there are loads of excellent wash out treatments on the market, I was keen to find something heavy duty that I could leave in during the day to keep things silky.

And once again Superdrug comes through with the goods!
After a bit of googling, I came across Vitapointe - a leave in conditioner that's used on dry hair to improve manageability and add softness.

To use, squeeze the amount you think you need into your palm, rub hands together gently and smooth through lengths and ends, then brush through.

I've found that less is more with this product - it's quite a heavy cream so a little goes a long way to tame frizz and make my hair look a little healthier in general. The weirdly cool thing about this conditioner is that it's not sticky or greasy and just sort of 'becomes one' with your hair. From what I can find, it doesn't actually contain anything particularly nourishing for the hair but rather coats your locks in a formula that includes beeswax to keep things at least looking good!

Vitapointe has quite a heavy scent that reminds me of Stefan's hairdressers in Australia - a sort of chemical and bitter smell that strangely isn't as unpleasant as it sounds.

At £2.09 for 50ml, this product is an absolute beauty steal and a cheap thrill indeed!
Check out Vitapointe at Superdrug online here.

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  1. Oh wow, this sounds like a bargain! May have to look this up - my hair is in some desperate need of attention at the moment x

  2. Great product.^^
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