Tuesday 11 September 2012

MAC Pro Sculpting Cream

I'm not going to lie, the name of MAC Pro Sculpting Cream sucked me in completely. Sculpting Cream? For my face? You're telling me this cream will 'sculpt' my face?
Of course I'm going to buy it...

Designed to accentuate and contour features, this little pan is £17.50 a pop, and I bought mine with birthday money. We all know that birthday money doesn't count as actual money, right?

This cream to powder formula can be used to define cheek bones, brow bones and contour the face using either fingertips or an angled contouring/blusher brush.

There are six different shades to choose from depending on your natural skintone and how dramatic you'd like the 'sculpting' effect to be. 
I was recommended Naturally Defined, which is the second lightest shade.

The formula itself reminds me of a cream to powder foundation that's slightly too dark and I suppose that's essentially exactly what it is, but gimmicky products can be fun!
The fact that it applies as a cream means it's really quite easy to use, especially over a liquid foundation and the powder finish means it feels practically weightless.

Overall, I think this is quite a nice product, though my contouring abilities are below par to say the least!

Have you tried MAC Pro Sculpting Cream? 


  1. I've never even heard of this before but it looks really good.

  2. Wow this sounds amazing, i must try it, looks lovely too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I've never tried it! It looks amazing on you, I'm definitely going to purchase this xo


  4. I've tried this LOVE IT! I love MAC cosmetics have you tried their creme blend blusher's? They're absolutely lush! I'm LOVING your blog and I've followed - do you think you could take a peek at mine and could perhaps follow back?
    Rachael xxx

  5. Ooooo I've been after a cream contour for ages, I just wanna see how they blend into the skin compared to powder contour colours.

    Love the blog! Please check out mine if you have time I'm new to blogging!

    Chloe xx