Friday 3 August 2012

Boots Botanics All Bright Skincare

In desperate need of an affordable moisturiser and exfoliator that I would actually enjoy using, I nipped into Boots on my lunch break a few days ago and triumphantly emerged moments later with a jar of Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream and All Bright Purifying Face Scrub.

For me, the selling point of the Botanics range of lotions, scrubs and cleansers is the fact that they contain plant extracts  approved by the one and only Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, which is about ten minutes on the tube from where I live. This shouldn't really excite me, but it does.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream

Aimed at normal to dry skin, this muddy- pink cream contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid - basically another name for Restylane, (which is the stuff that people have injected into their face to smooth lines).

The cream is rich in Hibiscus flower extracts, which leave the skin smoother and brighter thanks to the gentle exfoliating properties of AHA's that occur naturally in the flower.
Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream

So far, I'm rather enjoying this hydrating cream. The consistency and colour are a definite change from the usual white hue of moisturisers and the scent is lovely and floral.

Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub

There have been arguments against grainy facial scrubs, with some claiming they do more damage than good as the grains can scratch and tear the delicate facial skin. This could be true (and I do prefer fruit enzyme exfoliators such as Origin's Never a Dull Moment) but there's no denying the fresh, zingy feeling you get after a session with a good scrub!

Designed to be used 2 or 3 times a week, this scrub contains crushed walnut shell and apricot seeds that work in tandem to banish flaky bits of skin and Hibiscus, which takes care of the brightening side. The scrub also contains ultra soothing shea and cocoa butters and sweet almond oil to counteract the gritty bits.

I would compare this to St Ives Apricot Scrub - it basically feels the same, but perhaps a little more gentle and my skin feels kind of 'minty' after using it.

There are also cleansers, hair products, serums, mens products and more in the Boots Botanics range and all products are free of parabens, contain an SPF of 15 and are tested on people, not bunnies! You can have a look at the range online here

At Boots right now, they are offering 1/3 off all Botanics facial skincare so these products cost me under £6 for both :)

Have you tried anything from the Boots Botanics range??

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  1. I saw these on offer in my boots, and was soo tempted but I'm supposed to be on a spending ban haha! They're such good prices though. I've tried the Botanics cleansing balm which is sooo nice, but apparently they've reformulated it, so I don't know how good the new version is! xxx