Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cheap Thrills! Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Mask

Once again I've come across something that's both deliciously scented and affordable, this time in the form of a rich, gooey, nourishing hair mask.

The Boots Ingredients range is one that I've always overlooked for some reason, but since I squeezed out the last of my Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioner I was on the hunt for something cheap to cheer up my dyed-within-an-inch-of-its-life hair.

Enter Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Mask.

Long name? Yes.

Expensive? Non!

A generous 350ml tub of this glossy mask is priced at a measly £1.99 and I'm here to tell you that this stuff is  more than worth its weight in Advantage Card Points.

After shampooing my hair and squeezing out excess water, I pop a handful of this gooey goodness on the ends and massage it up to the roots.

For a serious treat, it should be left to work its magic for a few minutes, otherwise it's really lovely as an everyday conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down.

I'm seriously happy with the results of this hair mask - once dry, my hair is smooth, incredibly soft (even the bits that were dip-dyed and bleached) and smells delicious and coconut-y.

If you've got normal/ dry hair and you've not tried this yet, hop along to your nearest Boots and grab it.

It's cheaper than a cup of coffee, and almost as satisfying ;)

Edit (02.17): unfortunately this super cheap hair mask is no longer available but you can find it's replacement here at Boots.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've tried this and I adore the smell, it's amazing!

    Lea x

  2. this looks really nice and i love the smell of coconut!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. I'm SUCH a hair mask junkie, I definitely have to pick this up in Boots tomorrow. And I love coconut, which is a plus! Great post :)