Thursday 14 June 2012

Tan on Trial #2: Beautisol Summer Glow

As a bit of a clumsy pants, I usually steer clear of  fake tanning lotions, because I tend to end up either covered in the stuff or with legs so streaky I'm confined to jeans for the next week.
My technique needs work so far as lotions go, so I was apprehensive (yet extremely thankful) when I received a bottle of Beautisol Summer Glow in my iFabbo goody bag a couple of weeks back.

As Susan Jeffers says, one must feel the fear and do it anyway, so I pulled on the latex gloves that came with the tanner and off I went.
Check out the before and after:

What does Beautisol Summer Glow do?
Summer Glow is a long lasting fake tanner with a built in bronzer to instantly glam up your skin and provide a guide colour for easier application. The guide colour/ bronzer reminds me a little of Saint Tropez tanners in that it's a very deep, reddish brown colour. Summer Glow is packed with nourishing antioxidants and moisturisers so the skin feels soft and gorgeous even after rinsing.

The Packaging:
This tanner is encased in a 236ml white plastic bottle with a pump top. I think pump bottles are great for dispensing liquid tanners because it makes things a little less messy and means you can easily control how much product you dispense. 
The Scent:
One of the major selling points of Summer Glow is the fact that it's virtually fragrance free! Beautisol have cleverly developed the Pure Scent odour eliminating technology that neutralizes that telltale old biscuit smell that so many fake tanners have. Nifty!
When I first applied it, I did notice a very light, fresh scent that dissipates as the tan develops.

The Consistency:
Summer Glow is a liquid/ cream hybrid (or lotion even) that is pretty easy to spread across the skin. Just make sure your skin is well exfoliated before application, because I did notice that it really 'grabs' any dead bits of skin and could leave you patchy if you don't have a good scrub beforehand ;)

The Price Tag:
29 USD.  I've searched far and wide and it looks like Beautisol products aren't widely available in the UK just yet, but in the meantime you can order from

The Verdict:
I wasn't sure at first, but after taking Summer Glow for a test drive on my legs, I'm definitely inclined to use it on the rest of my body too!
 It's fast absorbing (work quickly when applying!), doesn't smell gross and leaves you with a pretty convincing tan. What's not to love about that?

Have you tried Summer Glow by Beautisol?

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  1. Wow! That looks great! I am also hopeless with self tanners - I always end up streaky and orange. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Thanks Jasmine! This one is definitely not orange, which is nice. The colour is really natural too xx

  2. Great review! I've never heard of Beautisol before but the tan looks great! Fab legs by the way :) xxx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. Thanks Emma :) I'm trying to find UK distributors for it because I may want to replenish my stores once I've used it all up! And thanks so much for the legs compliment hehe xx

  3. it really looks great!i want to try it out now!x

  4. Oooo, I've been nervous about using mine as have NEVER used self tanner before! I'm totally up for it now, it looks great.

    Emily x

    p.s - great pins love ;)

  5. Wow results look fab :)

    Hollie x

  6. This stuff looks great! I'm a complete fake-tan phobe as, like you, I have had many a disaster in the past! But I'm really impressed by the natural looking tan this has given you - although it does look a little bit scary swatched on the back of your hand! Haha.
    Great review :)
    Mel x

  7. It looks so natural, I definitely have to get one of those, I'm as white as a ghost right now :D
    You have such a nice blog, new follower ;) I hope you can follow me back***

  8. This looks great!

    I followed you, hope you could follow me back?

  9. This looks good and natural thanks for posting