Friday 22 June 2012

Kooky Spooky leggings from

So by now we've established that I pretty much live in leggings.
They're comfortable, versatile and in this case, completely bonkers.

Behold the latest addition to my leggings collection, the Jada Skeleton Print Leggings from

The skeleton leggings retail at £10 - not a bad investment considering these will see me through to Halloween.
I was scared these were going to be a bit see through but the material is actually quite thick and opaque and surprisingly flattering! They sit quite low on the hips, which I don't really like but the utter craziness of them makes up for that small fault.

Half the fun of these is that they look like regular black leggings from the front. Deceptive!

I usually get my leggings online from missguided but I think I may have found another source because the quality of these is pretty impressive.
I'm sure opinions will be divided on these, but I like them. I think black boots and an oversized tee or cardigan would offset the quirky print to perfection.

*Side note: my bum is a size 10, but I got these in size M/L and they fit like a glove, so unless you're smaller than a 10 I recommend you do the same :o

Want to try these on for size?
You can find these bony beauties at

Thanks for reading!


  1. i live in leggins too :) love the first ones! x

  2. Ahaha! Those are brilliant - they put a big smile on my face. They look great on you too!