Wednesday 21 March 2012

Tag! You're it :o

I hope you are well on this fine Tuesday evening :0

For a little bit of light entertainment tonight, I thought I'd answer some questions I was tagged in by the very cute sugastrawberries.

I quite like reading Tag Posts to be honest, but if you don't I suggest you LOOK AWAY NOW :)

Ok, here it is people:

1. What is your favourite fashion accessory?
Does jewellery count? Let's say it does. I'm rather fond of my Vivienne Westwood ring. I bought it from her Mayfair store when I was in London on holiday  in 2008 (I still lived in Australia then). My boyfriend at the time had given me a ring for christmas before I left, then broken up with me via text while I was in London - on christmas day I might add! So I threw his ring in the Thames and went and got myself a Westwood one. Too much information? :)
2. What makeup item could you not live without?
Mascara. I feel weird being in public without it.

3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
On a work day I get dressed & made up in about 15 minutes :o

4. Do you have a nickname?
Han Han.

5. What is your favourite nail varnish brand?
I find the 17 polishes never miss the mark, plus they're super cheap!

6. Which do you wear more, heels or flats?
I used to wear heels almost every day when I worked for a magazine back in Australia, but since I've been in London it's flat boots and Converse all the way.

7. What is your biggest pet hate?

8. Which do you prefer, summer or winter?
I love snow (still a bit of a novelty) so definitely winter.

9. What is your most loved item of clothing?

I couldn't be without my ultra comfy t shirts from Uniqlo. I have a couple of these but this one is my favourite.
I'm also rather fond of my Marc Jacobs coat that my brother's girlfriend gave me.

10. How many countries have you visited?
I've been to Australia (obviously), England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium. I guess that makes it six.
11. What foundation do you use?
I alternate between applying Clinique Even Better with a stipple brush or buffing on some bareMinerals :)


  1. wish i could afford vivienne westwood jewellery. i love the necklaces *_*
    and your nickname is so cute :D
    really nice blog, dear!


    1. Thanks Rebekah! I can't remember how much the ring was, but it wouldn't have been too pricey :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love it. I can't believe she gave it to me :0 x

  3. Love your blog and following you. Would like you to check and follow my blog :)

    1. Thanks Lancy! I've checked out your blog too :) x