Friday 9 December 2011

Pretty Polly + House of Holland Tights: Roadtested

A few weeks back I did a post on the insanely sassy House of Holland for Pretty Polly AW11 collection featuring Jessie J.
Jessie looked so darn amazing in the ad campaigns that I instantly fell in love with the Super Suspenders she's wearing in one of the posters.

Anyway, I felt like it was simply my duty to pick up a pair of these tights from River Island and show you what they look like on a real girl (me) with a real bum and thighs (mine), without the power of photoshop and airbrushing. (not to say Jessie isn't real of course but she is abnormally hot!).

Jessie is wearing the Mesh Super Suspender Tights in the above pic. I bought the regular Super Suspender Tights, which are a little more sheer around the top. Yikes.

Anyway, here's a little looksie at me and my pins :o
*Hope they're not too offensive*

I picked these up for £12 from River Island, but they're currently on offer for £8 direct from Pretty Polly HERE.

These tights are super comfy and quirky and are a great find for vintage lovers like me.
 I think they would look awesome with shorts and Doc Martens :D.

What do you reckon? Fancy taking the plunge with Pretty Polly?

Thanks for reading and hope you've not been scarred for life by my wobbly bits!

Hannah Rose xxx


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  2. I love Pretty Polly suspender tights! I always get the ones without the square bits, only thing is the top sheer bit always gets holes in so easily, which is annoying at a tenner a pair :( xx

  3. You have no wobbly bits to be scarred by! You look great, they look great, I would love some but at that price I'd be too scared to wear them for fear of snagging them!x

  4. OH OH I love these!!! I don't really ever wear hose, but if I did, I'd wear these. Also, as a "real girl", you look fantastic!!!

    Mabel Time

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  6. Another lovely post about PP, thanks Hannah :)
    The Super Suspenders look great on you. You should try the Doc Martins & shorts combo, they're so versatile we reckon that'll work beautifully!
    In reply to the concerns about the sheer part laddering easily, you could try going for the Mesh Super Suspender (the ones Jessie J is wearing in the WHAM pic) as they are a little less delicate than the sheer Super Suspender. They look pretty similar to one another & have an amazing quality opaque leg. Just handle all of your suspender tights with extreme care ladies & you should be fine! :)
    PP x
    Link to the Mesh Super Suspender -

  7. Thank you for the comments lovely ladies. I really need to get my hands on the Mesh Super Suspenders for winter. Love wearing these :) xxx

  8. No way are those pins offensive!!!!! Those tights look wonderful :-D They could make any outfit look fancy!


  9. I love these. I had a pair and went the whole night without making a hole in them till i got home. Look lovely on u x

  10. I've been dying for a pair just like those!

    I am so jealous! You are adorable!


  11. These tights are gorgeousness my dear!
    Lovely blog you have here!