Thursday 1 December 2011

ELF Cosmetics Studio Stipple Brush

When it comes to applying foundation, my fingers have always been my blending tool of choice and I'll freely admit that I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to foundation brushes. I tend to steer clear of many of the nifty make up tools on the market simply because I've never been quite sure how to wield them properly and the only base brush you'll find in my make up kit is a kabuki I stole from my mum! As a beauty blogger, this is a fairly terrifying confession to make but let me assure you that this situation has now been rectified, thanks to the genius that is the Studio Stipple Brush by ELF Cosmetics. 
This brush is one of my first ever purchases from ELF and it's certainly been a great introduction to the brand. Unlike generic foundation brushes I've used in the past, I find this incredibly easy to use with my liquid foundation and it really seems to produce a rather air-brushed effect.
Made for each other: ELF Studio Stipple Brush & Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

I've found the stippling technique of 'tapping' the foundation on to the skin to be a really quick and highly effective way of achieving a near-flawless base, so I can't really imagine using a different technique now.

The stipple brush isn't the only ELF product I decided to sample - I also snapped up the High Definition Powder. I've wanted a translucent powder for a while so when I saw that this one was up for grabs for only £6 I had to have it.

ELF High Definition Powder

This powder is incredibly soft to the touch, masks lines and imperfections and adds radiance to the face. The perfect finishing touch for my freshly stippled face :)
I'm loving ELF so far, and now I understand why the brand is so popular in the beauty blogging community!I'm so glad I bought the Studio Stipple Brush and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a permanent fixture in my make up bag from now on.

The ELF Studio Stipple Brush is only £3.50, so if you're keen to try stippling there's no reason not to treat yourself :)

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Rose xxx

P.S. If you've not visited ELF yet, visit them here


  1. The stipple brush was in my first Elf order! Love it but use it for blushers. I do like the HD powder but it tends to make me a little too pale.

    Love Elf and have made 5 orders in 2ish months! Opps! x

  2. Nice purchases! :) Does the brush shed when you're applying foundation with it? I own it, but I haven't used it yet. x

  3. @Honey Go-Lightly - That's a lot of Elf orders! hehe. I will try using it to apply blush :D x

    @Stavroula - It hasn't shed yet, though I've only used it for the past 3 days. I definitely recommend you give it a go though - I'm loving it :) x

  4. I'm a foundation brush novice too! But keep hearing about stipple brushes & am dying to try one.:)

  5. @Rachel - you should definitely try this one out, it's super easy to use :) x

  6. Really good review! I bought an elf bronze brush the other day and love it! Cheap and cheerful!x

  7. @Chlo - Thank you for the lovely comment :) It's such a fun way to shop and so ridiculously cheap. The stipple is still going strong so I may have to check out their other brushes! x

  8. I bought a few E.L.F brushes not long ago, they're brilliant for the price :] defo want to get the stipple.