Wednesday 2 November 2011

Latest in Beauty

2011 has certainly been the year of the Beauty Box - Enticing packages of deluxe samples sent  to your door every month for around £10 - it's any beauty addict's dream come true. I've definitely been tempted by this revolutionary concept and of course I've already succumbed to the allure of Boudoir Prive and Feel Unique, but there's another similar box of goodies doing the rounds that's definitely worth a mention.

 Latest in Beauty is a 'try before you buy' beauty service offering members a monthly box for the teeny price of £1, so now beauty lovers who have been longing to get involved with the sample box phenomenon can do so for less than the price of a bus ticket!

Of course, because the cost of the box is so tiny, the samples are generally a lot smaller than those you find in the £10 boxes, though products such as perfume vials are the same size. If you order a Latest in Beauty box, expect sachets rather than bottles and tubes, but don't let that put you off, as you'll often receive 2 to 5 sachets of one product so you can get a real feel for it.

Latest in Beauty is unique to the other boxes because you actually choose your samples - one each from the categories of skincare, make-up and fragrances and hair and body. I think this is a nice touch because you can select a product you're actually interested in, and if there isn't anything that takes your fancy, you can just check back later and pick something suitable.

I picked my samples and ordered my box on Friday and it arrived today - talk about speedy service :)

Here's a peek at my samples this month:

The Samples

4 x sachets of Lavera My Age Concentrated Lifting Serum
This serum was created to lift and plump the skin, fight signs of aging and make the skin appear more youthful. I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm a bit obsessed with serums at the moment so I won't be able to hold off for long :)


1 x sachet Nicky Clarke Moisture shampoo, 1 x sachet Nicky Clarke Moisture Conditioner
I used the Nicky Clarke shampoo and conditioner last night and I'm happy to report that it's a really nice product. I have one major criteria when it comes to hair products - that they smell nice - and this range definitely fulfills it. Containing static eliminating wheat protein and ultra nourishing Moringa oil, these products left my hair feeling (and looking) rather nice indeed! Something worth mentioning is how incredibly soft my hair felt immediately after rinsing the conditioner out. It wasn't that slimey feeling you get with some conditioners - just an undeniable softness. I realise I might sound a bit like a Pantene advert right now, but it's true!


Keraskin Immuniste Youth Drops Elixir
This is my favourite sample from Latest in Beauty so far - an extremely cute little glass bottle of Keraskin Immuniste Youth Drops.

To be used on cleansed skin before your day or night moisturiser, this serum is an extremely concentrated skin plumping superstar.  For the makeup and frangrance category, I opted for the 'mystery sample' and this is what I got (though I'm not sure what it was doing in that category), so it was a really beautiful surprise.
I love!

The glass dropper contains 4ml of the serum

Latest in Beauty operates on a pay as you go basis, and you are only charged once you have ordered your sample box. Once you've signed up, you'll not only have the chance to order your samples for only £1, but you'll also have access to product reviews, competitions and specials and of course the option to purchase the full sizes of your samples if you so happen to fall in love with them :)

Check out Latest in Beauty, if you're a beauty junkie on a budget I promise you'll love it.

Hannah Rose xxx

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