Saturday 12 November 2011

Beauty Brand Rave: Rituals

I finished work at Westfield London the other day, and feeling a little worse for wear couldn't wait to get home, put the kettle on and get under a blankie on the couch, stat! Despite my determination to hot-foot it out of the place, I was stopped in my tracks by the indulgent ambience of a store I've only visited once before - Rituals.

This place is not only unique in the fact that it stocks clothing, home and body products, so your living space can be just as gorgeous as you, but you are also offered a relaxing cup of tea as you explore the shop, adding a  really lovely touch to the shopping experience.

The assistants in this particular store really deserve a mention. Professional, knowledgable and above all, very friendly and approachable, the girls talked me through the products I was interested in, explaining the active ingredients and ethos behind each particular 'ritual'.

I tried out a few different products, including the best selling Foamsensation in Yogi Flow - a gel to foam shower treat containing organic sweet almond oil and Indian rose. This smelled absolutely gorgeous, and the ingenious formula means you only need to deposit a tiny amount of gel for loads of foamy fun :)
Yogi Flow Foamsensation rrp £6.50
I could get lost for hours trying out all the lovely products in here, but something I'm particularly keen on is the make up range, mainly because the products are enriched with amethysts and rubies!How luxe is that?
Indulgent it may be, but why add gemstones to make up?

 According to Ayurvedic priniciples, rubies give their wearer strength, courage, passion and energy, while amethysts promote inner peace and a healthy balance within the body. Applied topically, rubies improve circulation, restoring elasticity in the skin and giving it a healthy glow, and amethysts encourage a smooth and firm complexion.
The whole concept of enriching cosmetics with gemstones may seem a bit weird to some people, but I think it's a lovely idea and people interested in Ayurveda would definitely apprecatiate it.

I tried a couple of products from the make up range, including the Finishing Touch ultra-soft face powder.
Finishing Touch rrp £16.90

This powder is super soft, blends like a dream and is perfect for setting foundation or wearing it alone. The formula really impressed me and I'm thinking a purchase may be in order next pay day.

Next time you're at Westfield (the White City one) be sure to drop in and meet the girls - Natasha, Sarah-Marie and Rebecca, and discover the gemstone make up range for yourself. Why not?

Visit Rituals on Level 1 at Westfield London, or give them a call on 020 8740 0398.

Hannah Rose xxx

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