Monday, 30 April 2012

A Pretty Polish: 17 Lasting Fix in Orange Soda


Orange and coral shades seem to be everywhere lately, so I thought I'd start small with the trend by giving my fingernails a lick of orange paint.

I blogged about Lasting Fix polish in Pink Grapefruit recently, but just to recap, the Lasting Fix formula is slightly watery (you need at least two coats for a decent result) and impressively long lasting.

Once again I have enlisted my lovely-handed friend India to model the polish.

This is one of those 'tanning' polishes that instantly warms up your skin tone thanks to its fluorescent tones. I'm thinking I might wear this on my toenails when (if) the weather calls for open toe shoes :)

You can pick this polish up from Boots for £2.99.

What do you think of this colour? Are you a fan of the 17 nail polishes?

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Samy Fat Hair - My Big Fat Hair: Part 2

Last week I got all bloggy about my quest for big hair ( you can read it here if you're so inclined), so I thought you might want to see what my hair looks like after the Samy Fat Hair + topknot + bed combo I mentioned in the post.

These pics are on the wrong side of dodgy but I hope you get the idea - tousled, volumised, messy morning hair with loads of lift at the roots.

My hair is naturally almost poker straight so I'm pretty impressed with how well the Samy products work.

My hair maintains the purposefully dishevelled, fat hair look for almost a whole day before it deflates a little.

It doesn't feel sticky or stiff

and check out how shiny it is! :o

I think it's safe to say I am officially a fan of the Samy Fat Hair range.

Have a look at Samy for yourself at Superdrug here.

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Look: Intergalactic Leggings

In case you haven't noticed, I'm rather partial to wearing slightly wacky things on my legs.

These are the latest addition to my ever growing patterned legwear collection:

Presenting the Perlin Galaxy Print Leggings from

When I ordered these they were out of stock on S/M so I went for M/L with my fingers crossed.

Let's just say I'm kind of glad there were no S/M available, because I think they would have looked offensive on me, if I was able to yank them up over my thighs at all.

These leggings sit fairly low on the hips, so unless you're lacking in the bottom department, I would definitely recommend wearing these with something a bit longer on the top to preserve your modesty :)

For £9.99 these were pretty much a bargain. A round of applause for Missguided is in order I think!

You can check them out online here.

What do you think of this intergalactic legs look? Out of this world or from another planet?

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Monday, 23 April 2012

A Pretty Polish: 17 Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit

These little pots of polish by 17 have become my go-to brand when I want a new nail colour.

I usually stick to darker colours or bright reds, but I thought Pink Grapefruit would be perfect for prettying up my nails for Spring.

My nails aren't worthy of photographing at the moment, so I borrowed my friend India's lovely hands to model the polish for this post :)

In the pictures, India only has one coat on her nails, and as you can see it leaves quite a sheer finish.
For a more opaque result, two or three coats are definitely needed.

The polish applies really smoothly, is glossy and fairly chip resistant.
As for the 'lasting fix' claims, I think it comes through on the promise pretty well and looks fairly flawless for a good few days.
The formula is a little on the watery side, which I quite like because it generally means less drying time.
Besides the bright, flirty colour, the selling point for me is how easily applied this polish is: It's not gloopy at all and the brush fans out to just the right size. Result :)

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is available at Boots in a variety of colours for £2.99.

Have you tried polishes from 17?
What do you think of Pink Grapefruit?

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Samy Fat Hair - My Big Fat Hair


Like a lot of women, I seem to be on some sort of eternal quest to achieve thick, bouncy and big hair.

I've tried a whole load of products over the years to try and tame my mane into the Cheryl Cole/ Kim Kardashian hybrid hair I've imagined and I wanted to share my latest find.

I've got to admit I'm more loyal to Boots than Superdrug for some reason, but I was killing some time in the hair section of Superdrug a few weeks ago when I came across the Samy range.

Initially it was the Jooouge Fun Fiber String Mousse that caught my eye, but I got a little shy about it and went for the Fat Hair range instead.

The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, thickening spray, thickening creme, pomade, amplifying hair spray and mousse.
There was some kind of offer on (can't remember what it was exactly) so I picked up the thickening creme and amplifying mousse.

I've been using these products on and off since I got them and I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised.


Because they work!

All the products in the Fat Hair range contain the 'FH4 Thickening Complex' that claims to penetrate each and every strand and literally expand them from the inside out. How cool is that?

Both the mousse and the creme are basically applied in the same way - just massage a small amount into towel dried hair, blast with hair dryer (upside down for extra oomph), then sit back and bask in your big-haired sexiness :D

The Fat Hair Thickening Creme is a creamy, sort of gel like product that absorbs extremely easily. It's not sticky like a lot of styling products seem to be and you only need to use a little bit. I use it from roots to tips and it doesn't seem to weigh my hair down or make my scalp oily.

The Amplifying Mousse is like a typical hair mousse in terms of texture and I do find that it leaves some of my ends a little 'crispy' once dry, but this isn't a problem because I just brush it out. I use the mousse in conjunction with the Creme and I've found them to be a winning combination.

I'm a bit lazy most of the time when it comes to drying my hair and I've found I get really nice results by working the products through my damp hair, letting it air dry a little more, then twisting it up into a topknot before bed.

In the morning I shower and apply my makeup, then blast the topknot with a hairdryer before letting my hair out last thing and seeing what it does!

You can find Samy hair products at Superdrug. They're currently on offer for 2 for £6.99.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Let's talk about sweat, baby...

Don't you just love it when you finally stumble across that can't-live-without beauty find you've been searching for? A mascara that stays on your lashes yet is easily cleaned off?
That lipstick shade that's just the right shade and texture or a foundation that matches your skin tone flawlessly? It's always a glorious moment when you make a beauty breakthrough and I've just made one.

For my armpits.

You've probably seen the TV advertisements for the Maximum Protection range by Sure and I'm here to tell you that this is one of those products that actually does what it says.

Having moved here from Australia a few years ago, I've had issues tracking down a deodorant that works for me. I never had a problem with the deo's on offer back on my home soil, but for some reason, NOTHING I picked up over here worked for me.
I was getting worried.
Had I developed some kind of obscure sweat gland condition that resisted English anti-perspirants?
Was I becoming increasingly stinky as I aged?
Either way, I simply couldn't find a roll on, spray, cream or crystal formula that kept me feeling (and smelling) fresh the whole day without needing to reapply.

So, when I received a Sure Maximum Protection anti-perspirant in the mail last week, I was pessimistic to say the least.

But, I can honestly say that this stuff actually works and I've been happily applying it every day for the past seven days. Hooray for smelling like a girl (as opposed to a teenage boy)!

There's a whole lot of science behind the Maximum Protection formula including the addition of 'Encapsulated Fragrance Technology' which means the fresh scent of the deodorant doesn't wear off.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about this product is that it's most effective when applied at night before bed. This is because, while you're resting, the formula adapts to your temperature and forms a protective layer over the sweat glands, where it stays put for up to 48 hours. Not bad.

This deodorant comes in the form of the TRIsolid™ formula, a sort of cream that smooths on evenly and gently and won't irritate your skin thanks to some lovely moisturising ingredients.

Maximum Protection is available in two fragrances/ formulas for women - Confidence and Sensitive and one for men.

Retailing at £5.10, it's a bit pricier than other brands, but we tend to invest in other beauty products that work, so why should this be an exception?

Everybody sweats for various different reasons, and applying deodorant is a pretty important step in every woman's beauty routine, so I definitely recommend giving Sure Maximum Protection a go because in this case Sure certainly won't let you down ;).

*PR Sample

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cheap Thrills: Tartan Leggings

Here's a question:

Would you wear Tartan Leggings?

I would. In fact I am.

I got these rather loud thigh-huggers from for a mere £8.99...


I don't know why I'm obsessed with patterned leggings at the moment. It's certainly an unexpected love affair that I can't see fizzling out any time soon.

If you're a leggings lover like me, check out  Missguided and grab yourself a new look at a very reasonable price :o

Custom Made T Shirts at We Admire


I like T shirts. Do you?

If the anwer is yes, read on!

I went to  Ozone Coffee in Shoreditch for eggs benedict with my sister and some friends a few Sundays ago and decided to have a bit of a wander around afterwards to work off our breakfast.

We were walking down Great Eastern Street when one particular shop caught my attention thanks to the unique T Shirts staring out at me from the window.

The 'shop' was actually a workshop - the home of a company called We Admire to be exact, and at the risk of sounding dramatic, it's unlike anything I've really seen before.

This place doesn't house your usual on trend slogan tees or prettily patterned shirts, but rather creates made to order T Shirt masterpieces featuring unique designs with a bit of an intellectual twist.

I picked this George Orwell Animal Farm design because it's a poignant, bonafide classic, I studied the text in Highschool, I think the design is extremely cool and I work in a book store. So it's kind of relevant :)

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

 There are a variety of categories to choose designs from including (but not limited to) Arts & Culture, Film, Music, Literature & Philosophy and Science & Nature. You can visit the store or go online to pick your favourite picture then decide how large you'd like it printed on a T Shirt in a size and colour of your choice.

I found the team at We Admire to be extremely helpful in advising me on the colours/ sizing that would complement the pig design most.

I really like the concept of this company. It's unique and interesting and I like that the designs are created by individual artists, each with a unique outlook on the subjects they interpret.

It feels kind of nice to wear something with a bit of meaning and I think the T Shirts are a cool, comfortable and very wearable way of giving others a little peak into what you admire in the world.

Visit the We Admire workshop at 13-15 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EJ.
Or check them out online at

The T Shirts are each custom made to order and cost just £18 - a small price to pay for a bit of self expression!

Thanks for reading, I hope you check out We Admire :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Giveway! Colour Tattoo + Lip Butter + L'Oreal Liner


I thought that since I've just passed the 100 follower mark, I should celebrate by giving one of you lovely people a token of my appreciation.

Though I wish I could give everyone a little something, I am but a lowly bookseller on a budget so there can only be one winner ;)

Here's what I've got for you:

A Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Eternal Gold

A L'Oreal Super Liner in Black Crystal

A Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Want to win these goodies (and a couple of little surprise extras)?

All you have to do is use the form below to enter, then Sit back and wait with your fingers and toes crossed sending positive vibes into the universe

*This comp is open to UK readers only. Sorry :(

Good Luck

Thursday, 5 April 2012

MAC Prep + Prime Lash & Boldblack Lash Mascara

I realise this is my third consecutive MAC post, but I thought it would be wrong not to share the wonders of this mascara with you.

My sister was asked to be a face model for a trainee MAC make up artist last week and in return was presented with a Prep + Prime Lash and a Studio Fix Boldblack Lash.

My sister isn't a cosmetics hoarder like me, but she's seriously impressed with these products and suggested I blog about them.

 The Prep + Prime (rrp £11.00) is one of those 'white mascaras' that dries almost clear. It prepares the lashes for mascara by smoothing and conditioning each one and gives them a thicker base, intensifying the final lash look.
The Studio Fix Boldblack Lash mascara (rrp £14.00) is lengthening and long lasting. The brush with this one is narrow and has tiny bristles, but don't let that fool you because the results are seriously intense. Here are some shots of my lovely sister Prudence wearing the Prep + Prime and Boldblack Lash:

As you can see, my sister's rocking some seriously long and thick lashes! If you're reading this Prudence, consider these products stolen :)

Have you tried either of these?

Thanks for reading! :*

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Review

Last week when I picked up the Viva Glam V lipstick at MAC, I also got matched up for one of their much-blogged-about foundations.

I swatched, sniffed and pondered a few formulas before deciding on Studio Sculpt thanks to its gel base and awesome staying power.
I was matched to NW20

I was drawn to the 'gel base' aspect of this because of my love for Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (you can read my review of that here).
 My skin seems to get along rather well with the gel formulas, probably because they feel a bit nourishing and don't tend to stick to the dry bits on my face :/

The texture of this foundation is quite thick, yet smooth and somehow luxurious. You can achieve a medium to high coverage with this, so if you're happiest in tinted moisturiser this might not be your cup of tea.

The foundation doesn't feel particularly heavy on the face and I like the way it sort of peps up my complexion.

Studio Sculpt is long wearing and hydrating (double win) plus it has an SPF of 15 which we all know is oh so important in fending off premature wrinkles and crinkley bits, though I've already got my fair share of crows feet thanks to growing up in Australia and shunning sunglasses!

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation is £23 for a 40ml tube. Expensive, yes, but as with most quality products, a little goes a long way!

Thanks for reading :*