Monday, 31 October 2011

Cute and Quirky Bathtime

As a self confessed beauty nut, the products that I often have most fun playing around with are those cute and quirky cosmetics from Japan and Korea. Let's face it - many consumers are sucked in by lovely packaging and I for one can spend hours trawling Japanese cosmetics websites cooing at the ridiculously adorable (and at times just plain hilarious) packaging as if they were kittens or something .
There's just something extra special about fawning over a new blush or luxe handcream that comes in a box I can't read. I guess it adds to the glorious mystery of it all, doesn't it?

It was recently brought to my attention that it's not only Asian countries that know how to rock weirdness - it seems Germany can do kooky too! My brother and his girlfriend just returned from a long weekend in Berlin and brought back some amusingly named treats for my sister and I. Among the Kinder Surprises and 'Schoko Strolche' were some rather peculiar and kitschy little packets.
 At first I had absolutely no clue what these little bundless of cuteness could be, but on further inspection I discovered that they are in fact rather fragrant bath additives.

Presenting the Dresdner Essenz Dreckspatz Bad Sprudel!

Because all of the writing on the packaging is in German, I visited the Dreckspatz (translation: Dirty Birdie) website for a little bit of insight.
I'm pretty happy to discover that these are actually certified organic bath bombs, specially designed for children - so they can have an all natural, yet colourful and fun bath time :)

The little round discs are made with sea salt, essential oils and natural colourants enriched with moisturising sesame oil and wheat protein.

Based on therapeutic aromatherapy principles, the Bad Sprudel's are available in bliss-inducing fragrances/ colours including - Gut Mut (Cheer Up), and Freu Dich (Be Happy), all enriched with the appropriate essential oils. 
Retailing for around 1 Euro each, these look and smell lovely - I don't care that I'm not a kid anymore, I'm having a purple bath when I get home!

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